What Makes You Sparkle?

What makes you sparkle

The other week I had 3 separate people tell me how happy I looked. That I was just sparkling! They actually used that word, sparkling. None of these people knew that I was in my first week of being in my business before saying this.

It got me to thinking. I knew that I really didn’t like my day job. And that I hadn’t liked it for years. But I didn’t know how much it had been affecting me.

Like a weight you carry around and just get used to. You don’t even realize it’s there, until one day it is gone, and now you can notice the difference. Because you feel lighter, and a little different from before.

I use these memories from these lovely people in my life now when I get into some doubting moments of “oh god did I do the right thing?”.

YES I did!

I sparkle!
With no makeup, or fancy clothes. Just me, exuding my happiness at doing work that inspires me, and fills me up.

What are you doing to let your sparkle be seen? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂

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