Are you running your life by what you think other people are thinking about you?

Are you running your life by what you think, other people are thinking about you?Are you running your life by what you think, another person is thinking about you? These words came out of my mouth recently on a call with someone, and I realized after I heard them, I also have been doing this frequently.

I used to have a terrible fear of what people were thinking about me and judging me on. It comes back every so often, and I need to remind myself that

a) they’re probably not even thinking about me

b) people are gonna think what they’re gonna think and I can’t control anything about that

c) it really doesn’t matter to my life, what they think about me.

These are important and have been hard things for me to learn to believe. Everyone is more focused on their own lives and problems.

“You must learn not to give a rip what anyone is thinking of you” – Abraham-Hicks

You must learn not to give a rip what anyone is thinking of you - Abraham-HicksI heard these words many times over the years, and I still find myself caring too much too often. It’s a goal I’m working towards. To be so confident and content in my knowledge of how much source loves me that I don’t need any outside validation around it.

Some days I’m very good at it, and some days I’m not. I have to remember that it’s just a habit. A habit I cultivated when I was very young, learning to care about what other people thought of me, and accepting me as part of the group.

This is a large human morphic field. Traditionally if one was not accepted into the tribe of humans, one didn’t survive for very long.

That was then, and this is now. There are so many people, and so many ways to connect with them, we can find our tribe, and not need to depend on the humans who are geographically close to us.

I grew up feeling very invisible and misunderstood. Part of this was because I was hiding who I really am, and part of is was because I just didn’t trust or know how to really connect with people.

I’ve spent the last bunch of years moving into acceptance of parts of myself that I’d banished, my abilities to see energies and such, my intuition, my “weirdness”. I’ve come to accept that they are parts of me and valuable. This has helped me to develop my self confidence. It’s also helped that I’ve seen how much these abilities can be used to help other people.

When people admire a quality in us that we thought wasn’t worth admiring, this can cause a whole paradigm shift, and helps us with our own self acceptance, if we let it.

What “weirdness” of you have you been keeping to yourself and not letting people see?

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