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3 Ways to Access the Power of Forgiveness

Ok so every time we hang on to things in our mind, or physical reminders like objects, these things have an energy charge. We’ve essentially wrapped up bits of our energies in these emotional memories. Every time we access these memories we add some energy to it.

This means, if you’ve had a lot of trauma or embarrassing moments you’ll have lots of these little energy nodes hanging around keeping bits of your energy, and likely you’re a little tired/ grumpy/ irritated a bunch of the time.

Good news is it’s very easy to shift this!

3 ways to access the power of forgiveness

We access the power and frequency of forgiveness. And I want to be clear here, when we forgive we are setting ourselves free. We are not condoning anything anyone else did to us, we are simply releasing these energy nodes. Setting ourselves free and claiming our power back from this memory.

There are a few tools for this. Originally this was going to be all about the Ho’oponopono. Which is a Hawaiian healing method mantra. But my teams decided it needed a broader topic for you guys. 😉

The first way to access the power of forgiveness

The Ho’oponopono is simply 4 lines, and the order doesn’t really matter. They are

  • I’m sorry
  • Please forgive me
  • Thank you
  • I love you

That’s the way I say them. I like to end on I love you. Recently in a podcast or something (can’t remember where now) I came across a different version where instead of saying “please forgive me” she said “I forgive me”. I’ve been alternating between these two and I find they do have a different effect. So try and see what works good for you.

If you want to know more about the Ho’oponopono there’s a great book by Joe Vitale that’s called Zero limits where he goes through the story of how he learned it, and what it does. It’s pretty fascinating!

Essentially, when we say it, we’re giving over our hold on this memory to our higher selves/ universe/ god, and they clear it.

So when you come across a memory that doesn’t make you feel good. Use this tool! You just repeat it, aloud or in your head, until you feel better.

This can take some time at first. Like again and again for over 5 minutes or so. Once you’ve shifted many of your energy nodes of charged emotions it tends to go faster.

The thing about this work is it need some consistency. I did tons of this kind of thing when I first started on my energy healing path over 8 years ago. I also did a bunch more just last week, when some really old memories came up around money.

It does get better.

As you free up these energy nodes by accessing the power of forgiveness through using the Ho’oponopono, you’ll probably find you have more energy, and things are changing in your life.

This works for any kind of memory that you don’t feel good about.

The second way to access the power of forgiveness

So another saying that I like for this work is from Louise Hay. When you have a particularly stubborn memory zoom yourself out of it a little, and look like a camera would that’s filming a movie at the person in the memory and say to them

“I forgive you for not being who I wanted you to be. I forgive you and I set you free.”

Then look at yourself in the memory like you’re watching a movie and say the same thing to yourself in the memory.

I’ve added on seeing both of us in the memory and saying “I forgive us for not being who I wanted us to be. I forgive us and set us free”.

If you’ve got any energy healing, it’s useful to have it on when doing these kinds of things.

The third way

The last thing I want to do here is talk about retrieving these parts of ourselves. Often these energy nodes, and some we don’t yet have access to, are… fairly separate… as much as energy can be separate which is not much.

When especially traumatic things happen to use when we are kids, we tend to split off that part of our selves energetically, and they stay separate. Doing this forgiveness work frees up that energy, and what is also useful is to call back those parts of ourselves now that we’re adults.

Here’s an image to help visualize this process that we’re going to do:

Energy Retrieval Visualization Exercise

I’m going to walk us through this now


Close your eyes. We’re gonna take some deep breaths, and roll our shoulders back and relax.

My healing teams are here and they’re doing all the heavy lifting. We’ve set up a basketball sized energy ball that’s glowing and bright above our heads.

And now we call back all parts of our energies that we’ve let split from ourselves to be magnetized to this energy ball above our heads.

Energies are flying quickly into this wonderful glowing ball of energy, and anything that is not ours that is attached to these bits of energy is being transmuted by this energy ball.

Give a few minutes to complete. Then we have the bottom of the ball open a bit and all our energy drains from the ball into us through our crown chakra and finds its right place in our energy systems.

Tears are common from this exercise. If you do it on your own, always use something like the energy ball so only what’s ours comes back to integrate with us.

How do you feel?

I taught this on a Facebook live video in my Facebook group. Here’s the video for you to watch. Join me in my group, there are 3 other tools of transformation that I’ve taught in there.

If you’d like to see how I can help you with your money story and get your income up to the next level book a connection call with me here.

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