60 things I did and enjoyed this year

60 things I did and enjoyed this year

Phew what a year it's been!

I’ve learned that it’s really important that we pay attention and celebrate things. That we get what we focus on, and I was inspired to make a list of 60 things I did and enjoyed this year, which gives me focus on things I want more of.

  1. I restarted my business after a 6 ish month hiatus in 2019
  2. Started doing automatic writing with my business guides every week to give me direction
  3. Discovered that you can’t out manifest a belief.
    Where the F was this info 4 years ago!?! Ah well I’ve learned it now!
  4. Changed a belief I had that said I could only do one round of a course I made into it’s safe and prosperous for me to offer things more then once to my audience
  5. Created Changing My Top 3 Limiting Money Beliefs 30 day ecourse and did 4 live rounds!
  6. Created My New Money Story 30 day ecourse and did 3 live rounds 
  7. Successfully survived getting Covid. Boosted immune system, supplements and energy healing for the win!
  8. Left my part time job that I rather hated
  9. Received income in my business every month this year, something I’ve not done ever in my 4.5 years in my business
  10. Doubled my sales in my business three months in a row


  11. Resurrected my Facebook group
  12. Created my 12 week Playful Prosperity Coaching Program and had a successful and very fun first round
  13. Hired a coach that helped me get back into the rhythm of my business after the time away I had from it
  14. Started painting with acrylics again. Discovered a love for doing space paintings. Have you seen the photos that NASA has? Drool!
  15. Read a shit ton of books, I don’t keep track easily or I’d tell you which ones.
  16. Watched the Mandalorian show with my hunny (baby Yoda has a name!)
  17. Had some coffee dates and then virtual coffee dates with friends
  18. Added an amazing kitty Charlie to take us to a 3 rescue kitty household
  19. Started doing daily mindset work 
  20. Got a meditation practice going using apps on my phone


  21. Bought access to some fantastic Live calls with Esther Hicks and Abraham, one day I will get to an in person seminar
  22. Started outlining and writing a novel with Angels in it
  23. Wrote the first draft of my first Christmas romance novel
  24. Hired a local house cleaning company. Omg my house sparkles when they leave ✨
  25. Read some more books on writing craft
  26. Realized that I’ve acquired lots of knowledge about running online businesses, and self publishing books
  27. Came to the realization that I am a learner and I go deep with things I want to know about, and not everyone is like this. Whaaaat. 
  28. Decided to stop being so mean to myself in my thoughts. It’s a process but some days when I don’t do as much as I think I “should” I had a very mean voice that used to berate me about it
  29. Started writing blogs again! 😀
  30. Created a new free guide of 5 signs you’ve got a limiting belief in your way


  31. Offered some group healing on money pattern clearing
  32. Made a fun 7 day Abundance Games email sequence to help people shift their money stuff
  33. Created group energy pattern clearing on receiving passive income
  34. Hired an amazing marketing genius who’s helping me restructure my business and sell out my offers (Lynette you’re amazing!)
  35. Came to realize just how bad my own limiting beliefs were, and how they had been keeping me playing small
  36. Helped a bunch of other amazing people shift their limiting beliefs and start selling their offers
  37. Started up an Instagram for my aura painting readings
  38. Created 2 new offers in my aura painting line, including a new “what’s my current primary aura color” reading that is super fun and affordable
  39. Helped quite a few amazing women shift through some energetic muck that was holding them back and step into Goddess energy that appeared for them in private sessions
  40. Realized that my business model wasn’t working for me and made some changes that will help me more easily help more people and take care of my needs


  41. Decided to launch an energy pattern clearing membership to help more people get access to this fantastic stuff.
  42. Co-created a getting shit done group and launched a new round of it for 2021
  43. Had two back to back four figure months in my business
  44. Really proved to myself that when I take care of my own mindset and needs I can start to allow in the things I want, despite whatever else the world is doing.
  45. Started up a new fitness routine, a few times. This is still a work in progress until I’m able to get back to the gym.
  46. Was a professional book nag/ accountability buddy and helped an amazing mentor/ friend get her erotic romance novel written.
  47. Discovered that my typical week other people call “quarantine” and I’m ok with that 😂🤣 
  48. Really began taking in deeper levels of teachings about the Law of Attraction
  49. Came up with a few systems for getting my shit done in my business.
  50. Started recognizing that I do need some balance in my life and that taking days away from my business and unplugging is a very good thing.


  51. Started decluttering my home. We have so much stuff omg!
  52. Created an amazing 12 week coaching program that I love facilitating called Playful Prosperity
  53. Let myself realize that I don’t need to try and monetize every hobby I have, but I do enjoy thinking about how to do that.
  54. Encouraged a friend to start selling her awesome jewelry online. Still working on her but I planted some seeds!
  55. Deepened my own connection to my intuition and realized that when I “randomly” think about people they are usually reaching out to message me, or thinking about doing so
  56. Realized that I love creating art and things and wasn’t letting myself do it. Now with new art dates for me
  57. Started having some epsom salt baths for relaxation and de stressing
  58. Learned about how true all those cat on your lap comics are when Molly became a lap cat this winter. Omg, super adorable, but 7lbs gets heavy after a few hours. Keep scrolling for a photo.
  59. Started growing cat grass for our kitties, Charlie cat is a fiend! Molly likes it and Lucy could care less. Bunch of cute weirdos. 😻 (I’ve got a picture at the very bottom of the blog)
  60. Created some excellent recordings of different energy pattern clearing topics to help people.

Wishing you the warmest greetings of the season. Here’s to a new journey and an ever expanding experience.

Being as where I live we’re going through some lock down measures, my Christmas and New Years this year will be just me and my hunny and our three awesome cats, Lucy, Molly and Charlie.

We plan to have a Christmas like celebration with our extended family in mid January.

I hope you are doing everything you can to keep yourself going, and being gentle and kind to yourself

What things have you done this year that you’re proud of or excited about? They don’t have to be big, and it can even be:
I survived!
and that’s enough 😉

 Molly the lap kitty sleeping on my legs.

Molly and Charlie (the big orange chonker kitty) checking out their new cat grass. Lucy cat (not pictured) took one sniff and decided it was not for her and skedaddled.

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