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Helping you align your energy, and shift your mindset to greater Joy and Abundance!

Is your life working the way you want it to? Are there some things and experiences you are wanting but are having trouble getting them to manifest?

Are you scared to be seen? Do you procrastinate your marketing and more?

Are you hiding who you are and what magic you have? Fear of being seen is really about fears of being judged and found wanting. 

Of being rejected.

These are old fears that are no longer serving you.

In previous times it was important to be liked by the community, without community there was a high probability of death. This is no longer the case, moreover we build our community globally now.

It’s time for you to shift these patterns of fear, and step out and shine!

It’s time for you to feel safe being who you are and sharing that magic with others.
Your visibility patterns impact everything you do. 😮

You can change them, and I can help. 😄

Shift your patterns on my energy clearing recording.

Feeling sensitive? Need a quick way to balance your energies and feel grounded and centered?
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You feel like something is missing, and are not sure what it is, or how to find it. 

That's where I come in!

I’m an energy alignment and mindset coach. 
I use energy pattern clearing magic to help shift the patterns in your energy system, which makes it easier for you to change your thoughts and install a success mindset.

So you can life a fun, joyful life of freedom and allow in more money with more ease.

Photo of Amandalee Hatt-Sparks, Intuitive Development & Mindset Coach

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident in your decisions, have fun achieving your goals and allow in more money with more ease?

 We’ll discover some limiting thought memes and beliefs you’re still playing in the background of your mind, easily shift them out, and install new beliefs that will support your energies shifting and you living your dream life!

What people are saying:

Amandalee read me like an open book. And while she saw the exact map of my ups and downs, I didn't felt judged. I felt emboldened to be myself.
I felt supported both by her and her guides team at a depth I hadn't felt before.

While she cleared energetic patterns that were in my way to success, I felt like stepping into unknown and change wasn't so scary anymore, because all along Amandalee gave me the tools that I needed to stride confidently and abundantly on my Path with Joy.

After one hour of working with her, I knew that she was a Godsend into my life to give me a much needed boost, so that I would flourish.

In 3 minutes she helped me shed energetic and emotional weights that I carried for years.
I was so relieved that I actually felt my body was lighter.
Results? Definitely!

More than she promised: Abundance, Joy and Me being finally Me.
Nicoleta Sandu
Soul Coach
I've had the joyful and incredible experience of working with Amandalee multiple times and each time she meets me easily exactly where I am. She has this incredible gift of making me feel comfortable, allowing me to easily express what I feel is holding me back and then relax enough to allow her to get to work!

I always feel the shivers of energy flow through me, while Amandalee works on my chakras and energy blocks.

Amandalee created a beautiful openness and freedom I could feel within me while she worked and I carried with me afterwards. I can't recommend Amandalee enough. She is a true light and her work is nothing short of magic.
Christina Fletcher
Healer and Life Coach at Spiritually Aware Parenting

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Are you stuck in the same money pattern? Ready to shift into more abundance with ease?

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We will look at:

✅ the energy of your abundance channels (are they open or clogged?)
✅ any money block patterns you might have
✅ your percentage of being open to receive
✅ how you are allowing money into your experience
✅ if you are aligned with your money portals

You will receive intuitive guidance to increase these, along with some new statements to increase your belief in your own success. 😁

You can have everything you want!

You get a 30 min energy clearing and coaching session, and a 15 min follow up a few weeks later for some tweaks. Only $199!

You deserve to life the life you want. Let’s get you there. 🥳

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If you’re ready to step into your divine unlimited abundance, to start allowing in more money with more ease and get your gifts, offerings out to the world and get paid for them, let’s connect!

I offer:

Wanna see if we’re a aligned to help you shift? Click the button below to book a connection call.

I half created my first online course over a year ago, but I didn't have the energy to complete it. I joined Amandalee's Playful Prosperity Program to clear out the energy blocks that were preventing me from launching my course.

Amandalee helped me organize the tasks to finish the project and I realized how easy it would be to get it done. Thank you Amandalee for helping me overcome what was in the way to building my passive income channels!
Allison Kessler
Holistic Web Designer
Photo of Amandalee, Founder of Spark the Joy

Accepting the fullness of who I am and what I can do has changed my life! I’ve learned about being empathic, accessing healing energies, leveraging the power of guides and healing teams, and my intuitive gifts.

I also learned about how we live in a vibrational universe and how the Law of Attraction works, and what can cause us to block our desired manifestations. 

I can help you shift your life to being filled with fun and freedom, and allowing in more money with more ease!

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