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Amandalee Sparks-HattHi, I’m Amandalee Sparks and the owner of Spark the Joy. I am a healer, clairvoyant, and transformational coach.

I help awakened individuals deepen their intuitive powers, clear out old energy patterns that are no longer serving them so that they can align with their true selves, get clear on their life’s purpose and achieve their big goals – while making more money!

Sometimes all you need is a little help to get unstuck from someone who can see (literally!) the corresponding energy patterns so that you can shift confidently into a better life… one filled with prosperity and abundance.

That’s right! Once I have worked my magic, you are ready to level up. And this makes way for more money to come your way!

Why work harder when you can press the Easy Button? Maybe you are thinking your life never came with an easy button. Unfortunately society has trained us that we need to experience pain, work really long and hard, and suffer, to get any rewards.

This just isn’t true. I help you find your Easy Button so that you can achieve all you want, and more, easily, and in much less time.


My Superpowers include:

Seeing and interpreting energetic patterns: Helping you leverage the ones that need a little encouragement, and remove the ones that are blocking and hindering your progress.

Leveling up: Working together, I’ll upgrade your “software” to work for you, instead of you working harder to maintain outdated systems that aren’t serving you any more.

Intuition deepening: I help people understand their intuitive connection better, and together we deepen the trust with it, so you can use it to help better your live and the lives around you.

Mind shifts: I give you a little nudge so you can shift into a better version of yourself.

Law of Attraction: I help you identify your unique money blocks and remove them to increase the the flow of money into your business and life.

Removal of dark energy forms and attachments that cling to you as you travel through life. Sometimes we pick up other people’s garbage – heck, just being on this planet exposes us to negative vibes! I can quickly let you know if you have any dark stuff sticking to you and take care of it for you.

Help you to curb the weeds and old programming in your unconscious mind and replace them with new positive affirmations that will work to your advantage.


Amandalee is an absolutely amazing healer, block buster and mindset magic maker! She has an incredible gift when it comes to diving into where it is that your blocking yourself financially and helping you energetically bust thru it!

She is an incredible clairvoyant that can see through some pretty nasty shit and help you clear it. Love love love this amazing woman!

I highly recommend working with this incredible beacon of awesomeness if you’re ready to step up and make big, long-lasting changes in your life 💚

Amanda Lyn Dietrich

Spiritual Detox Coach

I believe it’s time to change the paradigm of “money isn’t spiritual” and “good people shouldn’t want money”. Money is energy, and the more people who are awake and have it, the more good they can do in the world and the better channel for the universe they can be.

So if you’re ready to up-level your life and/ or business and step into your fabulous abundant life, book a connection call now, where we’ll connect and see if we’re a fit.

Which one are you?

I work with two types of clients: ones that want me to “just fix it” so that they can carry on with their lives, and ones who want to learn how to do what I do and develop their psychic senses. Of course, you may be somewhere in the middle, wanting to know how to do some things on your own and have me take care of the rest.

Leveraging the Law of Attraction, I focus on helping you to align your energy, deepen your intuition, and make more money… doing what you love! A few small nudges and mindset shifts may be all you need to improve your life. I’m also here to help you sort out more complex issues and work with you for the long term.

Find out more about my unique service offerings here.

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My Story

When I was a kid, I could see energy colours, auras and angels.

When I started going to school, I confided in another kid (because I didn’t understand everyone couldn’t see what I saw) and that kid told me I was “weird”. I didn’t want to be weird, I wanted to fit in, have friends and be liked. So I shut everything off before I was 6.

human chakras and aura systemThe joke was on me though because throughout the rest of my school life, I never felt as though I fit in and I didn’t have many friends.

How can people get to know you when you’re constantly hiding who you are?

As I transitioned into adulthood, feelings popped up every so often, like “there’s got to be more than this” and “there’s something missing from my life.” I dismissed them every time, not knowing what to do about them.

I had an alright life, decent job, new car, an okay boyfriend, and lived in a nice place. But it felt  hollow and unfulfilled.

Coming up to my 30th birthday, I found a book on Reiki energy healing that changed my life. A  passion within me sparked and I came alive again. I felt like “I MUST learn this!” And within 2 weeks of that I was in a Reiki Level 1 class.

Amandalee Sparks-HattI became a Reiki Master in just over a year, and started a quest to reopen my abilities and reconnect with my intuition. I read books from the library about psychics, energy healing, etc., but found most of them to be out of date.  I found Meetup.com on the Internet and went to classes and practice sessions.

It took almost 2 years to reopen my psychic gifts that I had turned off when I was 6 years old – to reactivate my abilities to “see” energies and guides and be able to trust my intuition enough that it was useful – not just to me, but to others as well.

I was beginning to see that I could help others with my gifts and make a living doing so.

My journey continues, and each new class or modality I learn adds another tool into my tool belt to help me and my clients feel well in order to confidently create and co-create our new and improved realities.

Amandalee has been my intuitive mentor for close to 5 years now. I was so excited when I heard that she was offering a money pattern block clearing session! I had been experiencing some resistance in the area of bookkeeping for a few months now; and couldn’t figure out why.

Her energy pattern clearing magic is crazy effective, fast and fun!!! I totally felt the shift and with this positive energy shift, I was able to find the time, focus and ambition to complete the work within 10 days of attending her class!

The collateral impact of this included attracting new clients, receiving cash payments and a nice residual income cheque. Amandalee is amazing!!! I highly recommend her! She is a true lightworker!

Carrie-Ann Baron

Intuitive Business Consultant and Mindset Coach


Mindset Shifting

Along the way – and after reading everything I can find on the Law of Attraction – I discovered the importance of mindset. I learned that our beliefs and thoughts of today, power our tomorrows; In order to have a different tomorrow, we need to make changes today. It turns out my natural gifts are perfect for stimulating mindset shifts in my clients.

We were meant for more than to just pay bills and dieThis is where I come in. I can visually SEE your beliefs and thought patterns, along with any blockages that are needing to get cleared away, and I can clear them for you as though I’m waving a magic wand. (Actually, my “team” does a lot of the work!)

Sometimes you are missing just one piece of the puzzle to finally cash in on the life you want… the business you want… the relationships you want. You may have locked away the puzzle piece in a safe place and are unable to retrieve it. (Observe the power of our subconscious minds!)

Instead of banging your head against the wall, why don’t you try a coaching session with me!

I can instantly tune into what is preventing you from finding success, or advise as to the optimal path you might consider taking, particularly if you’ve come to a fork in the road.

Amandalee Sparks-HattTinkering with subconscious blockages can be a layered and complex matter. As we continue to work together, we’ll uncover deeper layers of your “untrue” self to get to the good stuff. You will start to feel more like yourself, make decisions in alignment with your purpose, and move confidently and swiftly towards your goals.

Click to book a connection call with me, let’s see if we’re a good fit! 🙂

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