Abundance Games

Receive money from the universe every day for a week to “spend” in your mind.

Spend this money vibrationally and be in the energy of abundance.

Want to see an example of one of my abundance games? 

These abundance games are so much fun and activate our spending and receiving of money muscle. Our brains don’t know it’s not real. 😃

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Try out An Abundance Game

Today you’ve received $200. Any money not spent or “given a job” by tomorrow will disappear.

You can only spend up to half of it to pay back any debts. If you do this, you must keep track all week of your diminishing debt, and choose to “pay” the money to the debt from the neutral place of “I keep my promises”. 😉

How do you spend this money? Write down what you do with it. Think of what would be fun to do with it. After all, it’s extra, unexpected money. How do you feel about having spent this money today? 

And here’s how some people responded: