Affirmations to Increase your Intuition

Affirmations to Increase Intuition

These are some fabulous affirmations to increase your intuition. I’ve used these on myself and had clients use them to great results. The best one is: 

I am extremely intuitive

 What we are doing when we do affirmations is imprinting them in our subconscious mind.

Deep in our subconscious minds we hold thoughts that we’ve had for so long, they’ve become beliefs. These beliefs cause us to act in alignment with them and this determines the outcome of our lives. The really great news is we can change our beliefs. It takes some work, but oh man, it is worth it. 

As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.

Part of how you change a belief is through affirmations. I’ve been helping people to develop their intuitive abilities and gifts for a long time now, and mostly what’s in people’s way is a belief.

A belief that they don’t have intuition or can’t use it, or that they’re responsible for what information they get. That last one has some semantics, but mostly when you’re doing any kind of intuitive work, you are the channel for the information. You’re not causing the information.

I’ve developed mine over the years. I find I get comfortable with a level of information I’m able to get, and then I ask for more. 

I’ll use some specific affirmations to increase my intuition.

Usually I’ll do these affirmations in combination with energy healing practices I’ve learned. It’s super effective. If you’d like to do this book a call with me and let’s find three affirmations that are customized to you.

Here’s some affirmations to increase your intuition:

  • I am extremely psychic
  • I receive guidance clearly
  • I trust my intuitive guidance
  • I am a clear channel
  • It’s safe for me to use and trust my intuition
  • My intuition is highly accurate and clear
  • I access my intuition easily and effortlessly
  • I am naturally intuitive
  • I listen to my intuition
  • I so easily translate vibrational information

Ok so the best way to do these is to pick 2-3 and write them on your bathroom mirror, or on a post it note where you’ll see it often. Put them in reminders in your phone. 

You need to say them often, and believe what you’re saying

Use touchstones to make your mindset shifting effective

When you’re imprinting a new belief statement you’re essentially changing a habit of thought

You need reminders to help you change that habit.

I’ve designed some beautiful mindset touchstones and had them printed on useful objects.

Check them out at my Etsy Shop.

There are 8 different intuition affirmation versions to choose from!

How to change a belief

How you believe that is by using your emotions. Feel what it feels like when what you’re saying is happening.

The emotion is the key. Then commit to saying them at least 3x in the morning and night every day for 90 days. It can take quite a bit of time to change some unconscious beliefs. But let me tell you, it is worth it.

  • Say the new belief 3x in the morning
  • 3x at night
  • Keep at it for about 90 days


This works with any beliefs you want to change. But I’d recommend only doing 2-3 beliefs at a time

I have 3 post it notes on my bathroom mirror that are full of sentences that build an image of an area of my life. I say them and feel them every time I go into my bathroom, and I mostly work from home, so that’s a few times a day 😉

Our subconscious mind works in images & feelings. So build that image of what you want, and feel what it feels like to have it.

This is the work that must be done to change our lives.

I used these affirmations to increase my intuition. You can too!

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