Aligning with your creativity

Aligning with your creativity

I have been moving more and more into my version of creative living. As I look a the projects I want to do, two thirds of them involve creating some form of art. I have this huge idea to create my “energy art”, and get it set up on print on demand services.

Aligning with your creativity

I want to help people access specific energy frequencies and states of being more often and bring them into their lives. I found that I can imprint them into my art, and people who are sensitive can feel it. It is very neat and I’m so excited about it.

I also have a large desire to write novels. All kinds, but there’s a fantasy series with a romance thread brewing in my unconscious. I’m super excited for the day when I get enough things going that I can devote some time to outlining and writing them.

Creative living, Elizabeth Gilbert

I find it so interesting that the ideas of creating these things are there, and when I think of them I get excited. But when I go to make progress on them, I encounter resistance, and fear. 

In the past I have completely let this fear and resistance rule the day. But from reading some books about creating art, like Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert, and The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, I’ve really come to realize that this seems to be the way of things. 

We have desires and then somehow put up resistance to them, which makes them harder to achieve.

I think overall this is such a silly thing. I understand it, and I am getting very good at recognizing it in myself, but still, it’s a little frustrating. 

I brain dumped my to do list, and had to limit it to just what I thought I needed to accomplish this week, and the list is so very long, and there are some things that I just don’t know how to do yet. I’ve spent the morning battling my resistance, and losing.

Then I had lunch and with a properly fueled brain I remembered some of the law of attraction things I’ve been learning.

Pushing does not get you where you want to go.

And is in fact what choosing the hard way looks like. I have decided that I am choosing the easy way, as much as possible, and as often as I can be reminded to do so.

So I told my little voice that was all freaking out about “we don’t have time! And we’re so behind and look at all the shit we have to get done! And the day is slipping away!” to just shush. 

And I sat and meditated for 15 minutes. I used the general “getting into the vortex” meditation I have on my phone.

It was rather incredible, just a few minutes in, and I could feel my vibration shifting. My upper body started to move as I sat comfortably on my couch and I felt calm and a step above content. My brain did distract me with many thoughts, but I also found that I had some inspired action thoughts show up, and I “pinned” them on my mental board to do after I was finished my 15 minutes, then I breathed the thought away.

It was a little struggle to get through the whole 15 minutes of the audio, but I am so glad I took the time to do so. I feel so much better, and I came to the computer, typed out this blog in record time and created the image for it so quickly.

Everything really is better when you are in alignment with the fullness of your being. And things move so much smoother and faster. It is incredible. I set myself a challenge to do at least a 10 minute meditation every day for 30 days. 

My journal challenge worked out so well for me, I’m excited to see what happens from this.

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