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I am where I am and where I am is ok

When you can move into acceptance with where you are, which is what this little mantra does, it means you are stopping the resisting of where you are. You resist where you are because it’s not where you want to be. When you stop resisting, you allow yourself the space…

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Aligning with your creativity

I have been moving more and more into my version of creative living. As I look a the projects I want to do, two thirds of them involve creating some form of art. I have this huge idea to create my “energy art”, and get it set up on print on demand services. I want to…

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Magic is constantly happening

Do you notice the little moments of magic in your everyday life? Your life is full of magic, but likely you just aren’t seeing it. We get trained out of seeing it. But similar to how the visible spectrum of light is only a small portion of what our eyes can see, of…

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Your thoughts are like a kitten

Do you know that you can shift your thoughts to create a better reality for yourself? Training thoughts isn’t easy, but it can be. You need to be persistent. Think of your thoughts like a kitten. You need to give the kitten something to play with or she’ll go find…

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The magic of live theater when you are empathic

There’s something so special about sitting in the dark watching a play come to life. Transporting yourself into the lives of these characters for a few hours. Done well I find it more real than a book or a movie, and I love those mediums for stories….

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Permission to just be yourself

This gem of inspiring quote information came through my newsfeed as I was scrolling through after I finished with an awesome client. What it said really struck me as I’ve spent so many years hiding who I am. Only in the last few as I’ve been stepping out with my…

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Awesome thoughts from Arrival movie

The other week for date night my hunny and I went to see the movie Arrival. It was a not very well advertized science fiction movie with Amy Adams. It was amazing! I loved it. I don’t do horror movies, and I find often Sci-Fi is mixed with horror. This one wasn’t….

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What if your creative work loves you?

So from listening to Liz Gilbert’s podcast with the interview with Neil Gaiman, and the writer from the Netherlands, I decided to take up the practice of writing for an hour each day. Today is the first day of starting that practice, and I can’t believe the resistance…

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You’ve got blinders on

Last night I was chatting with one of my very good friends Amanda Lyn Dietrich who also has a spiritual heart centered business. I was a feeling a little discouraged by my perceived lack of progress in my business since I left my day job some months ago, and she…

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Law of Attraction

Lifting the burden of “failing” at my purpose

I used to be seriously stressed out in my life. I identify with being a “lightworker” and I felt that I had a “mission” a “calling” a thing I was “suppose to be doing” in this life. And I had no idea what it might be or how I would go around finding out what it is. So…

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