Call in your Soul Family

Call in your Soul Family

Did you know that along with your “blood family” you also have a Soul family? A Soul family are a group or pod of souls that like to come down here for experiences together. Have you ever met someone and you felt like you had an instant connection and a deep knowing of them? Sometimes this happens as we get to know them better and see beyond the face they present to people.

This is usually a sign of Soul family.

Call in your soul family

Most of the time, Soul family and blood family are not the same. We want to set up specific things to have experiences we are looking to have in this lifetime. I’ve learned from playing in the Akashic records that we choose our family, and we choose them carefully, setting things up for experiences we’re wanting to have.

We often choose them to rub us the wrong way and propel us to greater heights.

For this reason it’s often wise to connect with our Soul family especially if we find we are so very different from most of our blood family.

Are you feeling a little apprehensive about seeing your family this holiday season? Nothing triggers us like family.

family can trigger old patterns

I don’t remember where I heard this from, but this quote has stuck with me over the years “Do all the personal growth you want, then go back home for the holidays and see how fast you fall into old patterns”.

On a higher level we are all connected, but there most certainly are some “soul family” types of people that we connect with and they feel pretty quickly like our ideal image of family.

Set up an intention to meet or connect with some soul family, they are amazing, and they “get us” on so many levels.

I’ve always been the “odd sheep” in my family, not really ever feeling like I fit in. When I learned about Soul family and met some, it was a great relief. I don’t have a super close every day kind of relationship with them, but we are friends that no matter how long we spend apart, we can pick up again where we left off.

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