Changing my money relationship

Changing my money relationship

In doing my yearly goal setting, and using this awesome workbook from Leonie Dawson for my business, I set some big goals. I also decided that 2020 was the year I finally got a handle on my vibration. I’ve been listening to Abraham-Hicks audios on YouTube for years – they got me through my old super boring day job. I found when I listened to them while doing copy and paste work gave me hope that one day I’d do work that was fulfilling, instead of super boring and mind numbing.

I’ve been reading Abraham-Hicks books, but I’d never really gone for the daily consistency with changing my thoughts.

I really wanted to do it in the area of money, as I’ve seen many manifestation posts on Facebook from people about how they decided they wanted something, and either it showed up or the money for it showed up and it was a super fast manifestation. Thousands of dollars.

I want that.

I’ve always been able to manifest many things, places to live, and amazing relationship, friends, small things and more. But money, manifesting money has not come as easily as I want.

As you observe the enormous differences in the effort that people apply and the results they achieve, you have to conclude that there is more to the equation of achieving than action alone.

So with this realization I decided to change my money story. Because I’ve not had the same success as people I was seeing online, but I knew, if they could do it, so could I.

I set myself a challenge:

  • Read this new money story every day
  • Read it more than once a day if I could
  • Do this for 30 days

About ten days into doing it every day, I was noticing how my feelings had changed, and I realized it was actually working. 

I wanted to bring some other people along for the ride! I love learning things and then helping other people with that new knowledge. Also many people I’m connected with are in business for themselves, and cash flow has been a consistent problem.

I love to help people clear out their money problems. I’ve been envisioning a world where heart centered entrepreneurs (healers, coaches and the like) are flourishing, getting paid well for their gifts, talents and abilities, and using their dollars to buy things that support causes they are passionate about.

So I created a “Change my money story 30 day program”. The basis was simple; group energy is powerful, much more powerful then without a group. I was already seeing this make changes in my life, and it would be easy.

Most of the course is based around providing a container for everyone to easily do the daily work.

Just two weeks into the course the people who were participating were reporting back things changing!

We did some energy clearings on the weekly check in calls as well and here’s what one amazing participant said:

This course is all about doing the daily work, and if people aren’t showing up to the accountability calls, I’ve no idea if they are doing the work or not. 

However, after two weeks in the course, people started posting in our Facebook group, that things are changing! 

❤️ One participant doesn’t feel stressed about money (and they did feel very stressed previously), even though they’ve got a new baby at home. 

❤️ Another found that in one weekend, she signed up 2 clients and a friend paid her back a couple hundred dollars she was owed. 

❤️ Someone else had the courage to ask a friend for help with her bills, and she did it from a neutral place without the previous shame she’d experienced in a similar situation.

This is amazing! 

Such results after only a few weeks. People had their stress levels around money decrease. I’m so impressed with how well these daily processes work when you actually do them.

As always happens, some people haven’t participated at all. I’ve shifted into a place where that doesn’t even bother me anymore. It really used to, I used to take that very personally. 

It feels so freeing to let other people do what they’re going to do, not taking it personally. I’ve done my best to encourage them to what they’ve said they want.

I’ve realized that people are going to do things when the timing is right for them. Maybe they just needed to connect and get the stuff from the course, maybe the perfect time for them to start is in a few months or on the next live round. 

It doesn’t matter, I’ve shown up and given my best. Like Morpheus says “I can show you the door, you gotta walk through”. Totally paraphrasing there. 😄

Things are changing in my money relationship

I’m noticing a whole bunch of things in my life shifting for me. I’ve found myself doing little tidying and cleaning chores around my house that I haven’t done in forever. I’m feeling really optimistic and good about where my business is heading and the offerings I’m readying to put out. 

Previously, I’ve suffered from thinking things like:

  • I don’t know what I’m doing
  • Who’s going to buy this from me
  • Why am I not successful at this?”

These thoughts are a classic indication that my mindset was not set up for success.

Reading this new money story has changed this for me. I don’t have these thoughts nearly as often as I used to. 😁 Now when I do find myself thinking these things, I have ways to shift those thoughts.

I’ve also been inspired to put paint on a canvas (it’s been over a year since I’ve done this!), and I have a painting project I’m now working on that I’m excited about.

I’m seeing a whole lot of better feelings in me about nearly every area of my life! 

My new thoughts that have replaced my old ones are things like:

  • I’ve got this!
  • Things really are all working out for me
  • Money is as available as the air I breathe

I still have crashy down moments, but they are less frequent.

These are some of the external things I’ve noticed. I also have noticed that internally I’m being much kinder to myself. My super harsh “judge critic” that used to harass me every other minute of the day, is not really there anymore. It’s gone from a 10, to a 3 on a scale of 1-10.

It showed up once when I was overtired and stupidly watched a sad video. Then I was down for a few hours and I remember noticing it. Like when you have a sore toe for days and days, and then one day you wake up and it’s gone and you don’t notice, until it hurts a bit. Then it’s a “Oh yeah, I forgot that happened” moment. That was me in the down space, noticing my judgy voice was back telling me how I was sucking at everything.

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