Money Pattern Energy Clearing

Shift out your old money patterns, align with the abundance that is your birthright! Let's get rid of all the old crap holding you back.

Step Out And Shine Energy Clearing

Are you a healer, coach, or lightworker? Do you feel the call to step out, and share your gifts with the world? Does this terrify you? Join me and lets clear those fears!

Energy Grids Class

Learn how to set up 3 different kinds of energy grids, a useful tool for healing and manifestation. Beginner, intermediate and advanced grids are covered.

Energy Hologram Class

Learn how to access and use your energy hologram to find patterns in your life, and change them.

Passive Income Energy Clearing

A deep and thorough energy pattern clearing on allowing in passive income. Perfect to help you shift into more easily receiving passive income.

Writing Pattern Energy Clearing

A deep and thorough energy pattern clearing on writing. Perfect to help you shift through writing patterns that are self sabotaging you.

Intro to crystals

The perfect beginner course for people who want to learn the basics about crystals. Topics include: how to buy crystals, how to clean them, how to use them, & recommendations for crystals to get to start your collection.


3 Tools to Manage Being Empathic

What is an empath? How to tell if you are one. 3 easy tools to use to help manage this gift that changed my life.