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Worthy Workshop

Did you know that you are meant to get EVERYTHING you want? Do you know that the reason you aren’t currently experiencing what you want is because you are blocking it? Feeling unworthy is one of the biggest self imposed blocks. It’s time to clear out those patterns! Join me in my Worthy Workshop!


Energy Grids Class

Learn how to set up 3 different kinds of energy grids, a useful tool for healing and manifestation. Beginner, intermediate and advanced grids are covered.


Energy Hologram Class

Learn how to access and use your energy hologram to find patterns in your life, and change them.


Intro to crystals

The perfect beginner course for people who want to learn the basics about crystals. Topics include: how to buy crystals, how to clean them, how to use them, & recommendations for crystals to get to start your collection.


3 Tools to Manage Being Empathic

What is an empath? How to tell if you are one. 3 easy tools to use to help manage this gift that changed my life.