Do You Know That You Have An Aura

Do You Know That You Have An Aura?

Did you know you have an energy field, an aura that surrounds you? It’s constantly changing based on your thoughts and emotions. It expands and contracts in response to how you feel. Feeling super happy and awesome? Huge aura. Feeling horrible, small aura very close in to your physical body.


A healthy aura is roughly an egg shaped thing that rests about an arms length away from your body.

You can also consciously, with your mind, make your aura grow or shrink. There are dowser tools that can be used to measure it. Or if you can find some old metal coat hangers you can make your own pair. This is an idea of what they generally look like.

aura tools

When you get energy work done, mostly we are working with your aura, and your chakras (energy centres in the network of energy meridians that run through your body).

There are machines attached to computers that can read your aura from your hand. Some people can see auras naturally, and everyone can learn to see auras. I love looking at the ever changing colours of auras in my clients.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to ground and shield. This also helps empathic people be more aware of when they are taking on someone else’s stuff, or simply feeling their own. It’s very easy to do, I have a simple meditation I call the Tree Meditation and you can get it for free at the bottom of this post.

It is best to do it every day for 30 days to start. Like you’d brush your teeth or wash your face, next take 5 minutes and ground and shield.

Some people are morning people and do it best then, and some are night people. Personally I find I have to lay in bed and unwind my thoughts a little at night, so that’s when I like to do it. You can also do this same type of meditation around your house, or your car, or your whole neighbourhood.

I’ve been doing this Tree Meditation a long time now, and I used to do it every night. I stopped doing it every day, and now just set it up before I leave the house, since I work from home. As always happens with energy stuff, they shift and change the more you use it. Now I find I can more easily visualize myself as the tree, instead of seeing it like you’d watch a movie. What’s really neat is I can sense the pink petals falling around and forming the shield as they fall.

Give it a try, download it at the bottom of the post, and let me know what your experience is with the Tree Meditation. 🙂

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