Do you know you can mindset

Do you know you can mindset your mindset?

Did you know that you can change your mindset on mindset shifting? Basically do an inception on your mindset (If you haven’t seen it, check out the movie Inception to get the reference 😉 )

I used to see people posting about making mindset shifts and think things like “sure it works for them, but not for me”. I’d get all discouraged. 🙁

If this is you as well, add in a few sentences to your daily mindset journaling that say things like:

✨I choose to believe that my mindset shifting works for me immediately every time.
✨I choose to believe that I am shifting my mindset.
✨I choose to believe that this stuff works for me!

It takes a bit of daily repeating, but this really does work!

And it’s a little like a snowball rolling down a hill. Hard to see at first, but eventually picks up momentum and before you know it goes faster and faster!

Now I make mindset shifts much more quickly than I ever have. It is very awesome, and you can do it too!

When I see someone posting about making a mindset shift these days I cheer for them. I know what a difference shifting an old belief makes. ‍

What mindset are you shifting? Or would you like to shift?

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