Do you let yourself receive?

Do you let yourself receive?

Open yourself to receive and miracles can happen! Do you let yourself receive?

We often go through our days, giving but not receiving. And when we decide to let ourselves receive, even just a little big changes can show up!

Do you let yourself receive?I like to take a minute and do some deep breathing, and then ask myself “what is my receiving capacity right now?” And I’ll get a number between 1 and 100. 1 being not very open to receive and 100 being fully open to receive.

I made this a daily practice for a while, as I found my number was often in the low 20s. 

Which isn’t so much letting good things in, as blocking them from coming.

If I find I have a number lower than 50, I like to then ask myself “what would it feel like to be more open to receiving?”. Usually it’s a very good feeling and I get a big grin.

Good things are coming to us all the time, but we need to be in the right frequency to receive them.

I find in my clients there are often patterns around “I don’t deserve it” or “If I make the money I want I will lose this thing I love (husband, friends etc)”. These kinds of patterns are on a very different frequency than the frequency of receiving abundance. And these frequencies are incompatible. If you’re vibrating on “I don’t deserve it” you will not receive the abundance you desire. Shifting into receiving moves us closer to the high vibe frequency of abundance.

I had a client recently who has an online store, and she’d been frustrated that things weren’t selling, and she’d stopped promoting it very often. We had one of my short sessions together, cleared up some of her abundance patterns and deserving to receive patterns and she got a sale 2 hours after our session. 

And another sale the next morning.

We discovered that she had a stone wall up, that she was using to block her receiving. So we installed a control panel and button to open a door in this wall. Giving her something easy for her to do that will help her shift daily into receiving.

She’s very visual and she checks on this door (which is a metaphor for her being open to receive) and makes sure it’s open.

Her whole energy changed by the end of our short time together. She’s feeling optimistic and excited and has started promoting her store again, which will bring her even more sales. We cleared out her patterns and she took the initiative to keep going.

This is amazing! This is why I do what I do. I get to help people step into their abundance and joyful lives. I love doing this, and I love hearing the success stories come back.

So if you are ready to shift into your abundance and want my help, book yourself a connection call with me. I offer a few different lengths of packages to help you shift.

Or if you’re not ready for some one to one attention, grab my fabulous money block pattern clearing recording to get the process started.

I challenge you to notice when you receive things over the next week.

It can be as simple as a compliment, someone holding the door or elevator for you, some great advice. Or it could be a sum of money. Notice when you are receiving and celebrate it! 

What we focus on we get more of.

Stuck in some self sabotage?

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