What is Energy Art?

Energy art is art created and imprinted with specific energy frequencies that are constantly emitting those frequencies. It is a visual mantra.

By placing an energy art piece near you, or in specific Feng shui places in your house, or work place, you invite these energy frequencies to come and play with you. Integrating them more fully into your life. Wearing them has similar but stronger effects, as when things are constantly in your personal energy space they effect you more.

Amandalee's so excited and happy faceWhat energies are you looking to bring more of into your life?

Energy art are created by hand by Amandalee (me!) and are available to be printed on many different items

  • Use in Feng shui applications to balance your house energies
  • Makes great gifts
  • Beautiful & Practical
  • Pick the one that resonates with you. Have it near you often. Make it your fav clothing item!

Just adding them to my shop, each item has variations in style to choose from. On pillows, and tote bags and canvas prints, mugs and shirts coming soon. Also scroll down to see some sample mockups of pillows.

This has been a long time in coming. I started making Reiki candles years and years ago, imprinting the candles with the wonderful soft energies of Reiki. Next in imprint things came putting stronger and more intense frequencies of Matrix Energetics and more into gem stone jewelry. I’ve been painting and imprinting my art with specific energies for a long time now and wanting to get it out to the world, and finally it all came together!

You can choose what image mantra speaks to you and get it printed on an item you like best.

Here’s some of the latest products I’ve added to the Energy Art category. Find more in the Shop page.

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