Energy Art

Hand-crafted by Amandalee!

What is Energy Art?

Energy art is art created and imprinted with specific energy frequencies that are constantly emitting those frequencies. It is a visual mantra.

By placing an energy art piece near you and in specific feng shui places in your house or workplace, you invite these beautiful energy frequencies to come and play with you. These higher vibrations will integrate more fully into your life with conscious thought and intention. 

Wearing my specially designed energy art on clothing such as a T-shirts has similar effects, but even stronger! When things are constantly in your personal energy space, they affect you more.

What energies are you looking to bring more of into your life?

The energy art for sale on this website is lovingly created by hand by Amandalee (me!) and are available to be printed on many different items. Here are some ideas of what you can do with these one-of-a-kind pieces: 

  • Use in Feng shui applications to balance your house energies
  • Makes great gifts
  • Beautiful & Practical
  • Pick the one that resonates with you. Have it near you often. Make it your fav clothing item!

Feature Products

My energy art is available on canvas, pillows, mugs and tote bags. Each item has variations in style to choose from. You can choose what image mantra speaks to you and get it printed on an item you like best. T-shirts are coming soon!

Amandalee Sparks-Hatt

Amandalee Sparks-Hatt

Years ago, I started making Reiki candles and imprinting the candles with the wonderful soft energies of Reiki.

Next, I started imprinting stronger and more intense frequencies into gem stone jewelry.

I've been painting and imprinting my art with specific energies for a long time now and wanting to get it out to the world, and finally it all came together!

Energy Art Designs

Peacefully Expressing My Truth

Peacefully Expressing My Truth

This beautiful design is infused with the energy of “peacefully expressing my truth”. It activates the 5th chakra and helps in gently clearing it when you look at it.

I was guided to the phrase “peacefully expressing my truth” as often when we are trying to communicate, we come from a place of charged emotion. Coming from a place of peace gives us a better chance to express what we are feeling without getting triggered by the other party in the communication.

Opening To The Fullness Of My Intuition

Opening To The Fullness Of My Intuition

This beautiful design is infused with the energy of “opening to the fullness of my intuition”. It activates the 6th & 7th chakra and helps in gently clearing them when you engage with the design.

This design spoke to me of the interconnectedness of us all on higher levels, and all the different frequencies we have access to.

The phrase “opening to the fullness of my intuition” came to encapsulate this experience. Intuition usually opens in many stages for people, expanding as they allow it and get more comfortable with it.

Accessing My Creative Passion

Accessing My Creative Passion

This beautiful design is infused with the energy of the statement: “accessing my creative passion”. It activates the Base, 2nd & 7th chakras and helps in gently clearing them whenever you look at this design.

Having a creative passion and creating things from it is one of the most enjoyable activities to experience. Everyone is creative. Access your creativity now!

It is also super important for sensitive souls to have a creative outlet. This lets us express energy we tend to store and get it out of our systems. Generally resulting in better sleep and a much better mood overall.