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Energy Cord Clearing

Every time we communicate with someone our energy systems send out cords. Energy cords. These are streams of energy to connect us. This facilitates communication. Generally when we’re done communicating the cords disconnect and dissolve. Sometimes when we’ve had some intense emotions with the other person the cords stay, and need to be cleared. I call this energy cord clearing. Some people call it cord cutting.

We all have energy cords

Are you ready for a change? Did you know that in your chakra energy centers in your body there are old cords to people that are determining your behaviour now? And did you know that if you get rid of them, you can be more freely you.

Chakras are interesting things. If you don’t know anything about them, I have a little chakras 101 pdf course here to give you the basics. Use promo code “thankyou” to get 20% off.

Chakras have layers and different patterns are on different layers. And they have what I’ve called a pilot light. Sometimes if you’re “missing” in an area of your life the pilot light layer might need to be re-lit. 

I discovered when I first “saw” these layers that my 5th chakra didn’t have a pilot light lit. 5th chakra is all about communicating your truth. I was the shyest, quietest person you ever did see. I had so much trouble even ordering in a restaurant.

Clearing out these layers and relighting the pilot light helped me have confidence and find my voice. I can now pick up a call when I don’t know who’s on the other end. I don’t like to, but I can do it. I can order what I want in a restaurant. I can correct someone when they call me “Amanda”, I gently say “it’s Amandalee”. It’s been so empowering!

How to tell if you’ve got energy cords to clear

If you are repeating the same patterns and have tried multiple things and stuff isn’t just shifting like you want, you have some old cords to clear. If you’ve been trying to change your relationship and are just getting sucked back into the “old way”, there’s cords to clear.

Going through this energy cord clearing process with me leaves people feeling lighter, expansive and fantastic. When they get into family situations that used to trigger them, they find that they are not as affected anymore.

Nothing pushes our buttons like family.Nothing pushes our buttons like family. Family telling us how we  “should be”, especially when we’re growing up, puts cords in us. 

These cords are still there, just hanging on, and they give others a direct line into our energy. A template for how we need to behave around them. It’s easy to do, especially when we don’t know these cords are still there.

Were you ever told “be a good girl/boy”? This put cords in you that are likely still there, as you’re still trying to be that. What about “Do this or I’ll tell your father when he gets home!”?

photo of a happy familyAs children we just imprint on the adults around us. Some studies have said that children don’t have a filter. Until we get to be about age 7. We didn’t have a filter from 0 to 7 years old. We just took in what the adults around us did and said. We imprinted it, and those imprints are running our lives. 

Would you want a 3 year old making your financial decisions?

Family means well, and were trying the best they could with what they had. Now you’re an adult and you need to live your life for you. Not them. Clearing out old cords and energy imprints makes this much easier. We don’t get sucked back into old patterns as easily.

It’s important to note here, that you cannot get rid of cords of love. Only cords that you no longer want or need.

“I used to struggle with losing all my energy at my parents house. I would just drain out. I would then think about it for days.
One cord clearing session with Amandalee, and now I go over there, spend time, and leave without any real emotional drain. It’s made a huge shift.” – Christina

So let’s change your life! Book a session with me now. It will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.

How I learned energy cord clearing

angel therapy practitioner ATPI learned “cord cutting” years ago from Doreen Virtue when I took her Angel Therapy Practitioner program in Kona, Hawaii in 2011. Over the years I’ve been guided to my own version, as watching “cord cutting” in action on my clients, I saw Archangel Michael cut the cords with his sword.

But then there was just a severed cord, and I saw that the ends of the cords, more often than not, searched for reattachment. And sometimes there was a little nubbin or stub of a cord left in my client that I then had to dig out.

I’m all about efficiency, and this seemed not efficient. I switched to the intention of cord dissolving, which I found to be much more effective. The cord was no longer there! It was cleared.

This is my area of superpowers. I’m extremely good at energy healing and intuition things. I find better ways to do things. I took a block clearing process that I learned from someone that took 45 minutes and took it down to less than 5 minutes. With the same results.

Energy is instant. Change doesn’t need to take time. Change your inner landscape (your energy systems and thoughts) and your outer landscape must change (physical reality).

I’ve had women with ex-lovers who’s cord I’m clearing, and seen their powerful ex send out a cord to reattach. Energy can be drawn down cords, and sent as well. 

Energy shielding, doesn’t work, as the cords are attached in your energy field and you can’t shield against yourself. Which means that if you have old cords you can receive energy directly from the other person.

Dissolving and clearing energy cords on these deep layers is a fantastic experience. Leaving you lighter and aligned and feeling wonderful. Like the most delicious massage for your energy body.

Are you ready to change you life? Book now. 

Change doesn’t need to take time, but it can. 

Where would you be if you had more energy?

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