Expectation is everything

Expectation is everything


What we expect to happen, on a deep level, is what shows up. Sometimes we have surface expectations of things, but if we examine it closely it is more of a “wish” then an expectation. We don’t actually expect that to happen, we just wish it would. 😉

✨I recently have changed my expectation with money.✨

I discovered that I didn’t have an expectation that money would show up. I had an expectation that it wouldn’t. So it didn’t show up. And it kept not showing up.

🔹I had a strong resonance with scarcity, and that is what I got more of.
🔹I lived in fear.
🔹Fear of looking at my dwindling bank account. Fear that my savings were used up. Fear around money.

This is not a mindset for success with your own business! It’s taken some stumbles, some successes, some credit cards and a helluva lot of energy healing to get me here, but I am now getting it. 😀

Expectation is everythingWhen I finally shifted this expectation enough, money did show up!

It came from sources expected and a little unexpected, but I got what I had been asking for and my bills got paid on time!

💥This is so empowering.💥

To know that we can change an expectation we’ve had for years and years. And. It. Works. 💜

Changing your mindset is simply just changing habits of thought. A habit can be changed, it often takes 30 days. It can take more if you are not consistent. But it can be done. I have done it.

What is your expectation with money? Do you expect it to show up? Or do you expect it to not show up?

Ready to up your abundance?

Play some abundance games! Every day you “receive” an amount of money from the Universe, and it’s your job to spend it. Abundance games are a fantastic way to get into the flow of money breath, the in and out of money and shift from scarcity to abundance!

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