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Forward Writing, Amazing Mindset Tool

Forward writing is an amazing mindset tool!

The basis of this tool, which I’ve called Forward Writing, after my mom started calling it that when I taught it to her, is that we are continually telling ourselves our “story”. And these things that we tell ourselves become our reality. So if we’re constantly thinking things like “I’m not good with remembering names”, or “I’m never gonna make the money I want to make”, these things are true in our lives.

Forward Writing

What Forward writing does is let us tell our story, of the future, but in the past tense.

It’s a bit to wrap your mind around.

But your thoughts now, are shaping your future, and if you’re not that great just yet at being aware of what you’re thinking and guiding your thoughts, then you’re likely creating a future that is not exactly what you want.

The really big thing here, is forward writing as a mindset tool gives us the opportunity to choose what we want in our lives, and activate the vibration of what it feels to have that.

It’s good to be specific enough that you know what you want, but not too specific that you feel it’s unaccoplishable.

So for example, I’ve set some goals this year, and then I set a quarterly goal.  I’m doing a lot of forward writing to June 30, 2018, and talking about how I’ve made my goals. How good it feels to have accomplished this stuff, and filling at least 2 pages on it. Daily.

It’s a little like the exercise of writing yourself a letter that you’ll open a year from now. Very similar, but you do it every day, or a set amount of days in a week.

What’s happening when we do this, is we are sitting in the vibration and feeling of already having accomplished what we want. And this, little secret of the universe, is how we achieve manifestation.

We act as though we already have it.

So, try it out, don’t go too big at first, you don’t wanna have a huge mind battle with yourself. Once you start writing it should flow, and be fun, and feel really great.

You can write about anything you want. I used this to get myself over the resistance I had to finding and opening a business bank account. I’ve used it to change my vibrational set point on money. I’m still using it to change my money story.

This is true mindset work, and when you combine it with the violet flame to transmute lower energies in your energy systems, you can create wonders in your life in a short time.

What focusing on what we want does

When we focus on what we want as though we already have it, and we feel it, and it feels amazing, behind the scenes vibrationally we are a match to what we want, and it is on it’s way to physical manifestation. Yay! It’s on it’s way to being real in our lives!

So when you’re not writing, and your thoughts stray to whatever it is that you’ve been writing about, you need to cultivate an attitude of expectation. It’s coming. I know it’s coming, I’m excited for it!

If you are thinking about it and your thoughts are more along the lines of “man why isn’t it here yet?” you’re putting the breaks on the manifestation. And you might need to be a little less specific or a little less big. If the jump from where you are, to what you want is too large, our minds resist, and then you end up in mind battles all day and get frustrated.

Don’t do this to yourself!

How to pick what to write about

Write about a variety of things that you want. Focused on both long and short term. If you’ve got big goals and financial dreams, do some forward writing on how awesome that is. Then also pick a smaller goal, like a monthly income goal that is only a little uncomfortable.

So if you’re wanting to be a millionaire, and have at least $100,000 months, but currently you’re making only $1000 a month, that’s a huuge jump. Start with $3000 or $5000 months in your writing. Something that is more then what you’re allowing in, but not too uncomfortable.

Like this:

I love making $5000 a month. I love allowing in $5000 a month with ease. I love how easily I make money being myself. I love all these opportunities to make money that are showing up in my life. I love selling my high level packages and working with amazing ideal clients.

I love that I’m now allowing in at least $1000 every week in passive income. I love the feel of money getting deposited into my accounts. I love knowing more is always coming. I love feeling so abundant. I am so abundant. I love being so abundant and seeing my account balances grow!

You want to fill 3 pages daily. But you can work up to it. Start with one page daily for a week, and then move into 2 pages daily. You also can write the same thing over and over, or in different ways.

The longer you spend doing this and feeling good, the easier the manifestation is. Because you are sitting in the vibration of having it. And that is the key.

If you’d like to see how I can help you with your money story, manifestation mindset and get your income up to the next level book a connection call with me here.

I taught this on a Facebook live video in my Facebook group. Here’s the video for you to watch. Join me in my group, to stay connected more often.

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