Got a scarcity mindset

Got a scarcity mindset?

Do you have some scarcity mindsets & beliefs? They can be really sneaky! Most of the time we’ve had them since we were kids. Things we often picked up from adults around us as we were growing up.

Start shifting them the moment you hear scarcity sentences come out of your mouth!

I can’t afford that to ➡️ ✨it’s not a priority right now✨
If it’s not on sale, I can’t get it to ➡️ ✨I love to get a good bargain!✨

Say each statement aloud and see how you feel. Sometimes we’ve gotten comfortable with our scarcity stuff, and abundance feels a little uncomfortable.

It’s ok you’re just changing your set point.

Got a scarcity mindset?The point is not to be afraid of things we say, but to just cultivate some awareness. For some people the topic of money has been one that was never talked about. There’s nothing shameful or dirty about money, money is simply energy.

I am changing my mindset around money. I had wrong focus with it for so long!

I was too focused on all the money I had going out. I would see the money leaving my account and I had a weird brain glitch where I would think there would not be any more money coming into the account.

Even though I had a stable day job, with a steady paycheck that was automatically deposited into my account twice a month. This was still my mindset then.

✨Money mindsets can be a super complex thing!✨

Just take it one step at a time. Start with the awareness of when you say things that are on the frequency of lack.

You can do it!

What do you notice that you say about money that you don’t want to be true anymore?

Ready to up your abundance?

Play some abundance games! Every day you “receive” an amount of money from the Universe, and it’s your job to spend it. Abundance games are a fantastic way to get into the flow of money breath, the in and out of money and shift from scarcity to abundance!

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