I embraced my weirdness

I Embraced My Weirdness

Confidently me. I embraced me in all my weirdness.

How easily do you let you be YOU? And let you be seen by others.

I hid me well for many, many years. I’ve got this thing I do, where I can turn on my abilities and get access to a whole amazing non physical world of energy patterns, guides and angels and more. 

I freaking love this world so much. 

But for other people it was “weird” and I didn’t want to be weird. Being weird to me meant that I would be excluded. 



The thing is, even though I hid this part of me for many years I was still weird, it was just a weirdness that other people didn’t get. 

Because I wouldn’t let anyone see me. 

I was hiding me.

I thought if people knew me, really knew me, they’d leave. 

So I hid, and never let people in very far behind my shields. I was friendly, but just the “quiet girl” who smiled and laughed at jokes but didn’t say anything.

Then I met my husband, and he was the first man in my life to really see me. He didn’t care that I was into this odd stuff that he wasn’t into.

He kept telling me to “do me” and to “let my freak flag fly”. He embraced my weirdness and made it not seem so weird. He welcomed all of me, even the parts he didn’t really understand.

This was so encouraging. To let someone in bit by bit, and see that they still loved me for me.

What an experience!

This helped me gain so much confidence. It helped me to show up and tell people who I am and what I do and how I can help them.

I embraced my weirdness

I started accepting things about me.

I enjoy quiet things at home, like

  • watching good shows
  • creating art
  • reading books
  • playing modern board games.

I’ve never been much into going out to bars and clubs and places that have lots of people and are really loud. 

I used to berate myself for this. Cuz I was weird. I didn’t find things other people did for fun, fun at all.

I thought because I didn’t find those things fun that I just wasn’t fun as a person, and therefore other people wouldn’t like me.

Now I accept it. 

I don’t fit into this “mainstream girl box” that the media and such tells us to fit into.

And that’s ok.

I lead a fairly quiet life that makes me happy, and would likely make other people miserable. 

I’m learning to be happy to know what I like to do. 

For a long time I didn’t let myself know. I’d be trying to “keep up with what I should be doing” and it made me miserable. 

I hid that I like to read and be quiet at home. 

I made myself go out and be in loud places with too many people or watch scary movies with people to “fit in”. 

I still didn’t fit in.

The magical joy of self acceptance

There’s such a joy in letting ourselves be who we really are. And also in discovering that there are other people like us in the world. 

There’s not much diversity shown in media, and we’re so bombarded with it that we feel, deep down, that if we don’t look like that, act like that, or feel like that, then we are not really part of society.

Not true, there are many layers in this fabric of society.

I embrace my weirdness and have learned to love it. 

There’s no one who helps people quite like I do, in quite the same way. Because no one is exactly like me. 

We’re all unique in our own way.

I love love love when I get to help people with my special brand of magic. Magic that I kept banished for most of my life, all because I didn’t want to be seen as “weird”.

Truth is, I am weird, and so are you. 

Embracing my “weirdness” and stepping into it, has made me realize that it’s one of my super powers. I can help people so much with all this weirdness.

And it’s super fun to do!

Where are you hiding you?

What parts of yourself have you not been embracing for fear of them being seen? 
What made up consequences and stories have you concocted that will happen if you let someone see your “weirdness”?

What would happen if you let people see you

If you realized that you are special?

If you knew that you’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is ok? Cuz there are people who will love you for who you are.

I love to help people who are embracing their weirdness and are using it to help others.

We’ve all got some stories about this or that experience that we’re using to hold ourselves back with.

What if you let that story go, and let yourself shine?
What if you really decided that you could make your money off your talents and gifts?

I can help you with that! Book a free call and let’s see how we jive. I want to hear your weirdness story and help you help the people who need you.

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