I fix my thinking

I fix my thinking

Such a great mindset quote. Have you had this experience? When you change how you think about something and then you realize that the “problem” has just faded away?

I fix my thinking

This ties right back into the “focus” part of the Law of Attraction. In that what you focus on you get more of. So by changing your thinking, you are switching the focus, and then your world changes.

It took me a long time to understand this, and there are still areas of my life that I’m working on getting better with it. I find with finances, I tend to focus too much on the “money aspect” of how much is there and how little it feels like, so I get more of that. Soo not what I’m wanting. 😉

It’s like praying for rain, when what you’re really after is the greener pasture. By focusing on the rain, you’re really focused on the lack of rain. Where if you just go for the feeling of what that greener pasture feels like, you will manifest it much quicker.

So if you’re feeling the “not enough money”, focusing on “not enough money” is not the focus you want. 

You want to focus on the FEELING of what having enough money FEELS like. 

This can be tricky at first. So go a little bit general instead of specific.

What does paying your bills with ease feel like? For me, it’s logging into my bank, seeing there’s enough and just paying them. In, out and done in less then a minute.

If that’s too specific and making you feel not very good, think about what it would feel like to receive an unexpected amount of money. Pick something that’s not outrageous unless you can feel good about it. An extra $1000 (or other amount). Just a small bonus for doing a good job. What would it feel like to receive that?

Stay with that good feeling place, milk that feeling.

That is the feeling of money abundance.

Bring your thoughts back to that every time they get on the “not enough” track. They will be trying to get on the “not enough” thought track at first. Keep moving back into the feeling of that bonus.

You can do this!

Ready to up your abundance?

Play some abundance games! Every day you “receive” an amount of money from the Universe, and it’s your job to spend it. Abundance games are a fantastic way to get into the flow of money breath, the in and out of money and shift from scarcity to abundance!

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