Its safe for me to make money

It’s safe for me to make money doing things that are easy for me

How do you feel about making money? For a very long time I had the belief that “I had to work hard for money”, and that the struggle was worth it and valuable, and if I didn’t struggle I was “cheating”. 😐 It did not feel safe for me to make money easily, or by doing things that were easy for me.

It's safe for me to make money doing things that are extremely easy for me

The first few times I made money doing things that are easy for me (energy clearing, intuitive guidance and such), it gave me a mild anxiety attack!

💥I felt like I couldn’t breathe and I just wanted to give the money back.💥

It brought up at least 5 different encoded patterns I had with money.

I didn’t know that at the time. I just knew that I felt horrible!

Through helping myself and my clients with money beliefs I’ve discovered many that people tend to carry. We get them from so many different places! Mostly from growing up and watching the adults around us. But sometimes also from our first few experiences with money once we leave home.

Getting paid for something that was easy for me to do got easier the more I did it, but eventually I had to do a deep dive into my beliefs. Then I discovered that “I need to work hard for my money” one.

It is not something I wish to believe about money! I did so much energy pattern clearing on it, and mindset journaling.

✨I’m so glad to not believe that any more.✨

Now I’m working on installing the belief that “making money is easy for me”. Some days I believe it, and some days I don’t, but it’s so exciting to see the progress in my life!

What money belief have you discovered in your life? Have you been able to shift it?

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