Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power. Self Knowledge is Priceless!

Learning that I’m empathic, has changed my life for the better. I spend so much of my childhood crying because I was feeling so much emotional pain. Wasn’t even my pain! I just didn’t know that it wasn’t mine.

Are you empathic?

Knowledge is indeed power, and this self knowledge has changed my life so much. Knowing that I can be super “spongy” and pick up on other people’s feelings. Feeling someone’s reaction to what I’m saying, and learning to not take that personally, but instead using it to my advantage when I’m teaching or explaining something.

There’s a whole other world out there of subtle energies that have influence, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. And once you’re aware you can use some easy tools to help you navigate you life. You can choose just how spongy you want to be, and if you find it overwhelming, you can close up the channels for a while.

Start to notice how you feel. Check in with yourself ask “what am I feeling right now?” You will start to be able to notice when it changes suddenly, a sure clue that you are feeling something not yours.

If you find yourself feeling something you suspect is not yours, you can do a quick visualization of having whatever isn’t yours be in a pair of shoes, and then take those shoes off and leave them behind. Or if you feel very feisty throw those shoes into a fire or trash compactor in your mind. Blow them up or destroy them in a fun way. Then again take a moment and notice how you feel. 😀

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