Life is built on patterns

Life is built on patterns

Life is built upon patterns. We encode patterns of behaving, of expectation into our energy systems. They determine most of the outcomes of our lives.

Life is built on PatternsI’ve changed patterns of worthiness, of deserving, self acceptance. Money blocks and vows of poverty, in both myself and my clients. It is amazing what a difference it makes!

I’ve had people describe me recently as “confident and sure of herself” which is not something anyone would’ve said about me for most of my life. 😃 Growing up I was the shyest girl you ever did see, and I didn’t want to be seen most of the time. Stepping into my power is a journey that is continuing, but omg… so worth it!

We have so many patterns. Some are incredibly useful. The pattern of stopping for a red light. Very useful. A pattern of scarcity mentality keeping us just barely making enough income to pay bills, not so useful. 🤔

✨Patterns are just points of light and information we are in resonance with, and they are in our energy systems.✨

You can change your patterns, the easiest way is to use energy healing. Being as that is how patterns are stored, it is the easiest access to them.

We see the world through our own filters of perception. 

Which is why 2 people witnessing the same event can come away describing it very differently.

Our filters of perception determine how we encode new information. If you have a filter that says “I’m not good enough to be a success at this” you will have very different experiences from someone who has a filter that says “I can do anything as long as I give it my all”.

Neither are right or wrong, good or bad, but they both create different experiences. Your life is yours to live as you see fit. But if it’s not working the way you want it to, perhaps it’s time to make some pattern changes.

What patterns do you have that you would like to shift?

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