Lifting the burden of

Lifting the burden of “failing” at my purpose

You will know your path by the fun of it - Abraham Hicks

I used to be seriously stressed out in my life. I identify with being a “lightworker” and I felt that I had a “mission” a “calling” a thing I was “suppose to be doing” in this life. And I had no idea what it might be or how I would go around finding out what it is. So because I couldn’t figure out what exactly it was, I felt like I was completely failing at it.

I felt this guilt and shame of “failing at my calling” for years!
And years.
And years.

Then I was introduced to the message and material of Abraham-Hicks. It took me a while to warm up to it, and let it in. But oh mi god how it has changed my life. I bought some of their books, and listened to many of their free youtube snippets from their live workshops. One day I will get to a live workshop, gotta have goals right? 😉

When my favourite online music place (grooveshark) suddenly closed a few years ago, I started listening to the Abraham-Hicks youtube videos during most of my work day. I felt uplifted by listening to them, and like I could handle just a few more minutes of my supremely boring day job that I really didn’t like any more.

There are many components to what they say, but what I want to share with you here, is the bit about life purpose. They say, and have said many times, “the purpose of your life is joy”. After hearing this many times over and over from different seminars I was listening to over a few months, it finally clicked in!

If the purpose of my life is joy, then there’s no huge mission that I’m here for. Nothing that I must do. So if there’s nothing that I must do, then I’m totally not failing at it.

Huuuuge lightbulb moment!

It really helped me to release all that stress I’ve been carrying around it.

I’ve learned to tune back into my “emotional guidance system”, and check in with myself a few times a day. Asking “how do I feel now?” and determining if I feel good or not. My goal is to feel good, as I know when I feel good things flow much better in my day. And I love when I can get into that flow.

Do you pay attention to how you feel?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about “the purpose of your life is joy” 🙂

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