Magic is constantly happening

Magic is constantly happening

Do you notice the little moments of magic in your everyday life? Your life is full of magic, but likely you just aren’t seeing it. We get trained out of seeing it. But similar to how the visible spectrum of light is only a small portion of what our eyes can see, of the wave length frequencies, what you see in your daily life is only a small part of what’s really happening.

The Electro-Magnetic Spectrum

Our brains take in hundreds of bits of information every second, but we can’t process all of that so much of it is discarded as “irrelevant”, based on what you’ve programmed your brain to see from your beliefs about yourself and the world.

Our brains take in hundreds of bits of information every second.

⭐ we can’t process all we take in so we discard much of it
⭐ what you discard is based upon your beliefs of the world and yourself
⭐ you can change what you see when you change your beliefs

Good news is you can reprogram it! You can change what information you decide to see in your day. Part of doing that is deciding you want to see the magic happening all around you. And then choosing to look for it.

Things to know:

✨ a belief is just a thought you keep thinking
✨ decide you want to see the magic happening all around you
✨ choose to look for it.

Once you see something that is magical to you, celebrate seeing it. Continue doing this for a few weeks and your whole life will change!

What can be magical is different for everyone. For me I love the magic of seeing new growth on my garden plants. I love when I catch a moment of Lucy cat in sheer joy playing with her toy mouse. They are small things, but life is made up of small moments.

Stuck in some self sabotage?

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