Manifesting is easy

Manifesting is easy and doesn’t always look like you expect

I recently manifested a thing! I’ve been wanting to read Denise Duffield-Thomas “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” book for a few months, but hadn’t made it a priority with my finances. I’d gone to amazon and looked and hummed and hawed a few times. Always telling myself “read the books you already have” and such, talking myself out of purchasing it.

manifesting is easy

Recently on a coach call we chatted a bit about her and I was inspired to go and check amazon, and OH MY GAWD! Her book is in Kindle Unlimited! Which I am a part of. 😀

I knew instantly seeing it there, this was a manifestation and I said to myself “I did that!”, as I quickly downloaded it and returned a mindset book that I was not enjoying. I spent a few hours reading and doing exercises from it and feeling that awesome exhausted emotional feeling meaning that I’ve done great energy work on myself.

This is not how I expected her book to show up. I expected to purchase it and have it shipped to me. Instead I got it delivered though a service I already pay for!

This is a prime example of how manifesting works.

🔹 The universe knows what you want

🔹 And knows where you are in relationship to it

🔹 And is guiding you (without judging you) towards your desire.

I love how this works!

Often though, to allow it to manifest, we need to shift from “I NEED it now” and let it just relax and forget about it before it will show up.

When you relax and you have an expectation that it will come, that is when it will come. When you try and hold on and you “effort” this makes it harder, because you are noticing that it is not here yet.

✨When you notice it’s not here yet, you’re focusing on it not being here, which is what you get (more of it not being here yet!). ✨

So if you can’t stay off it “not being here yet” then just change the topic. Focus on something else. Every time your thoughts return back to that subject think something like “it’s coming” or “it’ll be here when I align up with it”. Something fairly general and easy.

What have you noticed that you manifested on purpose recently?

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