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My top 3 mindset shifting tips

Here’s my top 3 tips for changing your mindset.

What is mindset? Mindset is simply our beliefs, and beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking. So if we want to change our mindset, we need to change our beliefs, and that means being more aware of what we’re thinking, and changing that. 

We are pretty much constantly thinking about something in the back of our brains. Even if you have a song stuck in your head, that is you thinking on some level.

My top 3 mindset shifting tipsPay attention to the words that are coming out of your mouth often. They give clues to the underlying beliefs on that topic. If you say often “I can’t afford that”, you will have a scarcity mindset on money.

Changing your thoughts is easy as simply deciding to. 

But it does take some consistency and persistence.

We are usually not aware of our thoughts. So we need to set up reminders or touchstones to help us do this in our day. Touchstones are reminders to think and feel the thought you’re wanting to have.

Mindset Tip 1

My fav is to write on my bathroom mirror with dry erase marker the thought I’m wanting to think more often. I’ve used this many times over the years. I write it so that it’s just above my head as I’d look at myself in the mirror as I wash my hands.

I’ve used this to change my thoughts around my own worthiness by writing “I am worthy because I exist” on my mirror.

I find when I wash my hands, I take a quick check to make sure there’s nothing on my face and then I read the thought, and take a few seconds to feel what it feels like.

Mindset Tip 2

I create a reminder alarm on my phone to go off when I know I usually have a low point (mid afternoon), with my thought I want to think.

This touchstone reminds me to focus on what I want and think that thought and feel that feeling. I used this to train myself to be more mindful of what I’m feeling and check-in with myself over the day. “What are you feeling now?”

There are many apps that help with this. On iphone my fav app is called YAPP, and there’s another great once called I AM.

Mindset Tip 3

Writing my positive thoughts I want to think on post-it notes. Different colored post-it notes work well for this. I put them where I know my eyes will see them, one on the edge of my computer monitor, one above the light switch of my office, etc.

I have to change it up after about three weeks as they will “blend into the landscape” around that time and I won’t really see them any more. 

This is why different colors of post it notes work well. I got a stack from the dollar store for a few bucks.

Bonus Tip

When you’re changing a positive thought in for a previous negative one, you need to be sure you word it in a positive way. 

We want to skip saying things like “I’m not …” and instead say things like “I am… ” etc.

If you have a statement like “I’m not gonna beat up on myself anymore” what you’re focused on is beating your self up. 

The universe doesn’t hear “not or no”, as it is based on attraction which means whatever you are focused on you get more of. 

Instead say “I’m choosing to be kind to myself”.

Here’s some sample ones to try:

✨ Money is as available as the air I breathe.
✨ I am completely worthy and deserving of everything I want.
✨ I am a fantastic writer, painter, and creative person.
✨ I choose to believe that I am supported by the universe.
✨ Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

Touchstones are super helpful. Have you tried them?

I change up what I use when I’m shifting a belief. Our brains are very good at feeding us information they think we need, and after a while they will stop “seeing” that colored post it note, or the writing on the mirror. 

I find about three weeks is about when I need to change things up.

Create a touchstone statement that you can use as your go to for when you’re mired in the muck of life. Use it to shift your thoughts to where you want them to be.

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