Negativity only affects you if

Negativity only affects you if you are on the same frequency

When you feel good you attract more experience that make you feel good!

I do my best to feel good most of my days. I’ve become aware, as I really wasn’t at first, how I am feeling. I’m empathic and sensitive, so it’s important on many levels, as I can feel things that are not even mine. 😉

Understanding what I do about the Law of Attraction, that there in a vibrational emotional scale. And what frequency you are vibrating in, is what frequency you are attracting in.

✨Get high enough in frequency and you won’t naturally be affected by the negativity, the vibrations are too far apart!✨

Vibrate Higher! I know that what I feel, is the frequency I vibrate at, and that frequency is what is attracted into my life.

So when I find myself not feeling good, or letting some idiotic thing from the internet get to me (we all do it!), I give myself permission to go and do something that makes me feel better!

Here’s my go to easy ones:
✨ pet one or both of my cats
✨ have a little dance party while boiling more coffee water (caffination for the win!)
✨ play a game on my iPad

We live in an inclusive vibrational universe. This means that there really is no “no”. When you say “no” to something, or “I don’t want that”, you are giving it your focus, and what you focus on is what you get.

That’s what inclusive means. We attract by what we are focused on.

✨We feel something about everything we think about. ✨

Stay on a subject with a certain feeling long enough and that is what you attract, more things that make you feel that way.

Start paying more attention to how you are feeling! The feeling is everything.

Ask yourself when you feel something “do I want to feel more of this in my life?” if the answer is no, then do something quickly to change you how feel!

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