New Year New Goals

New Year New Goals!

✨ New year! ✨ So glad that 2017 is off and behind us. It was a rollercoaster of a year for me.

I find the year shifting over to be an inspiring and invigorating time. I like to take some time after Christmas and look over the year we’ve just been through and then look ahead and make some plans for the coming year. 😃

They don’t usually turn out exactly as I’ve planned, but I do find that I enjoy life more when I have goals and dreams that I’m reaching for.

New Year, New Goals!✨ Did you know that around 80% of people don’t make goals for themselves? ✨

I used to be like that. I had dreams, but they were all in the “someday” category. I didn’t believe enough in myself, or feel like I was deserving enough to go for my dreams. 🤔

I was re-creating these patterns again and again. I had a huge “It’s not safe to be seen” and also a very large “who am I to do these things and deserve to have my dreams?” patterns running me.

I took a little time to daydream about what my life would be like without these patterns, and then I decided to change. 💗

Have you let yourself day dream about what you want your life to be like? This can be a super powerful exercise! Let yourself do it, and don’t let your brain tell you after “Oh but that’ll never happen because of xyz”. You can have anything you want!

🔹Patterns are formed, from our thoughts and beliefs. Then as we keep thinking and believing in them, they create energy patterns like how a river cuts a river bed over time. 🔹

So when your thoughts stray to these subjects, they go in the “groove” that we’ve created for them. That’s ok, and everyone does it.

But you can change these pattern “grooves”, and then you can easily change the thoughts behind them. 😃

What’s a pattern you’ve been experiencing for a long time on repeat? What would you like to change it to?

Stuck in some self sabotage?

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