Our Unconscious Mind

Our Unconscious Mind

I’ve been learning a ton about our unconscious mind lately, and just how powerful it is and how the things we’ve got there influence our lives. Conscious mind and unconscious mind together are like an iceberg. Conscious mind the 5% that is floating above the water and unconscious the 95% that’s under the water.

Our unconscious mind

Our conscious mind is like a filter. We can use it to bounce out information, or to take in information.

The best way I’ve found to think about our unconscious mind, is that it is like a fertile garden. It will just grow whatever seeds are planted in it. And the seeds are our thoughts.

If we don’t plant seeds of what we want, random seeds from society and people around us will get planted, and most of them are not desirable.

Our unconscious mind is a garden

Think of how many people are focused on the negative things in their lives, and how often they talk about them.

We need to cultivate thoughts of things we want in our mind.

Childhood Imprints

When we are growing up, we apparently don’t really have a conscious mind barrier until about 7 years old. We only have our unconscious mind, and so we imprint beliefs and behaviours from people around us.

no riches no moneyChildhood imprints and beliefs will then continue to determine our lives until we update them. But as we got them so young and had them so long, we don’t really know they are there.

Say when you were 3 you were visiting with your grandparents, and your grandma said something disparaging about a rich person. 3 yr old you, would likely have imprinted:

Grandma doesn’t like rich people. I want grandma to like me. I can’t be rich”. And this will still be there, keeping you at a ‘safe’ level of money, so you don’t get rich and don’t lose the love you want.

So many of us have 3 and 4 year olds making our financial and relationship decisions, and we don’t even know!

The great news is we can reprogram our unconscious mind. Re-plant our garden. Now though, we need to get through the conscious filter mind. To do this we need repetition.

When we discover a limiting belief and we want to change it, this is something that is simple to do, and it takes persistence and consistency to do it.

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking, and we can change the thoughts we think. When we do this, we change our lives!

To change a belief

We need the new belief statement. It needs to be positive, focused on what we want, and usually present tense is best. So if you’ve got a belief that says “I’m going to run out of money”. We want our new statement to be something like “I am inherently abundant. Abundance is my birthright. I am easily receiving abundance every day”. You don’t want: “I’m not going to run out of money”.

Our unconscious mind, and the universe, don’t understand negative. So the ‘not’ gets ignored and what you’re programing in there is “I’m going to run out of money”. That’s what we’ve already got!

Here’s some sample beliefs and their opposite:

I feel like I’m going to fail at this → changes to → my success is inevitable

I’m going to run out of money → There is enough for me

I’m not good enough → I am enough

I don’t deserve to be rich → I deserve all my desires

Who am I to do this? → I am worthy of all my dreams

So you see how important focusing on what we want, and not on what we don’t want really is.

We want to say our new statements out loud while looking at ourselves in a mirror multiple times morning and night for at least 30 days. Sometimes we need to do another 30 after that.

I’ve helped lots of people find their biggest limiting belief relating to money, and create a new custom belief statement for them to install. Most people need around 45 days to get the belief firmly installed. Your life will change if you do this. I highly recommend it.

Want to learn how to change a belief?

A belief is just a thought we keep thinking. Learn exactly how to change a belief with this free guide.

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