Outside is just a reflection of inside

Outside is just a reflection of inside

Everything outside of us is a reflection of a vibration of the patterns we are running inside us. If you have troublesome relationships you can change them by changing your inner patterns. 💜

Everything outside is just a reflection of what's insideI like to view it, when I’ve had some “interesting” relationships with people, there’s 3 of us, me the other person and then the relationship.

I can only change me and my part of the relationship, but by doing this I will shift the relationship and often the other person will change as they respond to the change in the relationship.

This can be a difficult thing to integrate at first, as it requires taking responsibility for everything that is showing up in our lives. 🤔

Yet it is empowering in the same way, where if there’s something you don’t like in your life, you know that YOU have the power to change it. We’re not at the mercy of things. 😃

✨Change your vibration on a subject, change your life!✨

It’s not about assigning blame or being hard on ourselves either. It’s simply starting to be aware.

If there’s some part of your life that’s not working the way you’d like, empowering ourselves with the knowledge that it can be changed. 💜

Have you shifted a relationship? Leave a comment and tell me what shifted 🙂

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