Patterns keep repeating

Patterns keep repeating until we change them

I often fall into the pattern of seeing someone else offering things, that I can also do, and instead of joining in on their free offer, (possibly learning something new and making nice connections), I get all down on myself and think things like “I can do that, so I should do that for myself. I don’t need anyone else, I should be able to do it all myself” 🤔

It’s a strange little pattern that really has lots of trust issues, and that people won’t “get me” and understand me, in it. 😳

✨The truth is it is VERY HELPFUL to have someone else work on us. ✨

We generally have a hard time seeing what’s running us, our own patterns, and people who aren’t in the middle of our tornado can see it.

patterns keep repeatingI’ve done this time and again for my clients. And yet I still often resist having someone do it for me.

It’s a funny thing, and part of it is really to do with what you help people with, we often have to experience much harder in our own lives. Like that old saying “whose kids have the worst shoes?… the cobbler’s (the guy who makes the shoes).

I think it’s partly because when we help people with a particular area, it is helpful for us to experience multiple experiences in that area, then we can more easily relate to our clients.

✨I’m super great at helping people shift their patterns, especially with money. ✨

🔹I am not yet super great with my own money. It’s something I’m working on.🔹

Do you find this to be true? What’s an area that you’re super awesome at helping people with, but struggle in your own life? 🙂

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