Aura Painting and Couples Reading


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This is an intuitive reading of the meaning of the colors in your aura energies, that show up in the hand painted, watercolor aura painting I will do of each of your auras.

How it works:

I will tune into you from your name. Next I’ll send a gentle aura cleaning energy, so I’m reading your actual aura, and not whatever muck you might be carrying from your day. 😉

This gentle clearing energy is like when you take your car to get maintenance, but for you!

People tend to feel relaxed, happy and clearer after one of these little energy tune ups. If they notice it at all.

Then I paint each of your auras.

Once it dries, I will tune into the colors that showed up in your paintings, and intuitively interpret what the colors are meaning for you at this time.

This painting is a snapshot of what energies you are experiencing.

Our aura’s change as we experience our lives and this reading is a fun and visual way to get some good intuitive guidance.

Be sure that you fill in both of the  “Name of person the reading is for” box below.

You are buying:

A digital copy of these paintings, along with a typed out intuitive reading interpretation of what the 3 main colors mean for you and 3 main colors of your partner, in the moment of time they are captured by my paints.

You will get an email in a few business days with:

  •  A digital copy of your aura art painting
  •  And the typed up reading of 3 of your main aura colors with their special meaning for you, the 3 main colors of your partner and how your energies come together in the relationship


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