Aura Painting & Basic Reading

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This is an intuitive reading of 3 colours your aura energies that show up in the hand painted, watercolour aura painting I will do of your aura.

I will tune into your energy systems and give you a basic “oil change” re-balancing of your chakras and aura. You take your car to get maintenance, this is like that, but for you! ? People feel relaxed, happy and clearer after one of these tune ups.

Then I will paint your aura colours, and you will receive a digital copy of this painting, along with a typed out interpretation of what the colours mean for you in this moment of time they are captured by my paints.

You will get an email with:
? A digital copy of your aura art painting
? And the typed up reading of 3 of your main aura colours with their special meaning for you.