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Feeling a little tight financially? Not yet hitting that income goal? You might just have a money block

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Feeling a little tight financially? Run out of month before you run out of money? Not yet hitting that income goal? You probably have a money block.

A money block is little place of “stuck” energy in your energy field. We can create them all the time by thinking certain thoughts over and over and creating beliefs.

This is a special recording of a large group healing money block clearing call. The energy of this clearing is imprinted in the recording and as you watch you enter this scared healing space that exists outside of time.

Here’s a testimonial of someone who watched the recording and experienced the powerful clearing, click on it to enlarge.

testimonial from my money recording

While you are in that space your patterns relating to money and income will be worked on as you watch, and participate with this recording.

This is a deep and powerful clearing going through each of the 7 main chakras, clearing resonance with past live overlays, vows of poverty, as well as aligning up your energies to receive up to $12,000 USD a month.

The recording is just over an hour. Please have some water near you to drink and sit comfortably when watching.

All energetic changes are permanent. You must next do the mindset belief shifting of installing the beliefs you now want to believe. This will be much easier after your energy patterns are shifted and no longer sucking you back in. “You’ll have a clean slate” to start with.

What some people have experienced from this:

🔹Got a raise at work in the following week.
🔹Relief from their negative money thoughts
🔹Created a whole new stream of income
🔹Was suddenly able to tackle doing their business taxes that they’d been putting off for over a year
🔹Signed their first high end client into her big level coaching program

✨Anything is possible once you clear the patterns that are holding you back!✨

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