My Sparkling Day To-Do List

Beautiful hand drawn to do list with blue and purple watercolour paper texture background.


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This beautiful hand drawn to do list has space for 3 most important tasks, and 6 other tasks to be kept track of.  It also has a fun daily water tracker, get yourself hydrated!

Print it out and laminate it and write on it with dry erase markers, reusable and fun! Or just keep printing them and using them.

When you prioritize your tasks and do your Most Important ones you make better progress to your goals! You feel better and your mind is less cluttered. This helps with mindset work and setting yourself up for success.

Keep critical voices at bay. When your brain tries to tell you “we didn’t do anything today” you can refer to your list and say back to it “yes we did!”.

Add some colour to your to do list!

This prints at a full 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper

Please note: When printed the colours are much darker then how they appear on screen.

Bonus black and white version included as well!