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I offer ecourses, and transformational coaching with gentle accountability, focusing on 3 branches:

  • Aligning your energy, including clearing out any old energy patterns that are keeping you where you are, and from where you want to be, and learning manifestation techniques.
  • Deepening your intuition, we have tons of non-physical guidance, who are very good at what they do, which is getting us to what we want, in the best way possible. We will look at the primary way you receive your intuitive guidance. We will widen your channel, help you learn to trust, or deepen your trust so that when our time is up you know you can receive the help you need.
  • Making you more money. We are abundant in nature and abundance is our birthright. The only reason we don’t have what we desire is somewhere in us there are thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping it from us. We will clear these out and install a success mindset, so you can make the money you desire, and more.

People leave a call with me feeling lighter and uplifted, and they discover that things have changed in their lives over the next week.

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Amandalee Sparks-Hatt

Amandalee Sparks-Hatt

I help heart centered coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs shift into their divine flow of abundance, and deepen their divine guidance connection, so they can continue to follow their path to more money with more ease then they thought possible.