Shine your light

Shine your light

This quote inspires me. I was told something similar way back in the beginning of my journey to reopening my intuitive gifts and abilities to see auras and chakras. Shine your light and by doing so inspire others to shine theirs.

Light your light

The essence of it is, that by being my whole authentic self “shining my light” I inspire others to shine their own light, to be their whole authentic self. 😀

One of my old stories was “it’s not safe to be me”.

I told someone when I was very little about the colours and auras that I could see, and they gave me a response back something like “That’s weird. You’re weird.” And young me encoded from that experience “It’s not safe to be me”.

I turned off all my gifts and talents and stopped seeing auras and angels.

This pattern ran my life for… well gosh, pretty much all of it. I have been in the last few months making really great changes to it.

✨I’ve been on a journey the last few years of self acceptance and shining my light. ✨

I reopened my gifts, started seeing energies and angels again, and started shining my light sporadically. 😀

We tend to hide behind masks. Masks of “how are you?” “I’m fine”, conditioned social responses. Behind masks of “looking good” and “needing to be perfect”. Everyone goes though ups and downs, but we usually don’t let people see that.

✨ I decided about 5 years ago, that “ok I see things, and well this is actually useful when I’m helping my clients get through what’s in their way”. ✨

I decided to be called by my full name of Amandalee (I had been going by Lee), and fully embrace my talents and gifts.

➡️ Each time I take a step out and shine my light I gain more confidence, and it feels so good to just be me. Not trying to “fit in” with who I think people want me to be.

I spent my growing up and teenage years feeling like “who the hell dropped me off on this planet and hasn’t come back to pick me up?” I felt that I did not belong here at all. I felt unseen and misunderstood. When really I had just hidden my light so well, even I couldn’t see it anymore. How could I let others know me, if I knew nothing about me?

➡️ Life isn’t perfect, but looking back now, the journey is well worth it.

What masks do you hide behind?
The “things must be perfect” is still one I work on occasionally. 😉

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