Shit getting done mastermind

Destroy your to do list in 60 min!

Want to be part of a group of other people who are accomplishing things too?

Join us for FREE weekly co-working calls in November and December, featuring a 15 min sprint followed by 5 mins of masterminding and questions answered. 

Repeated until the hour is up.

How it works

  • Decide your task for the first 15 min sprint
  • Focus on doing ONLY that task until the timer rings
  • 5 min break to answer questions or get help
  • Set timer for another work session
  • Repeat until call is over (approx. 60 min)

You will

  • Get your work done in a supportive, time-boxed environment 
  • Have your business questions answered
  • Make connections with like-minded, goal focused achievers

This is working in timed sprints virtually, with other people who are also focused on working.
This is extremely effective for plowing through task and getting shit done.

Calls are on Wednesdays at 3pm Eastern (New York time)/ 1pm Mountain

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the Zoom link before the call.

Who are we? Short intro to your co-hosts

Eleanor Howe is a kind, intuitive guide on the journey that is life. She’s a tech-refugee who finally learned that nurturing her inner woo and integrating it into the left-brained framework of the STEM grind led to a balanced, happy life.

Amandalee Sparks is an Energy Alignment and mindset coach. She is one of those “loves learning types” who’s immersed herself in learning about online business while running her own since 2016. She’s also a writer and has done lots of research on self publishing and making money on Amazon.

This is extremely effective for plowing through task and getting shit done. Join now.  Shit getting done is one of the best feelings!

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