Clearing Blocking Patterns To Receiving Passive Income

Do you want to receive passive income?

Have you made a passive income product that’s just not selling?

Are you in network marketing and are not having much success with the residual income?

Passive income money patterns are different then general money patterns

If you feel:

  • Like I can’t have passive income
  • My passive income products don’t sell
  • Like I don’t know why my stuff isn’t selling, I’m freaking marketing them
  • I really want some passive income
  • I want off this hamster wheel of scrambling to sell things to pay my monthly bills

this is for you!

Allowing in more money allows you to do more good in the world!

If you’re not receiving income through your passive income streams you’ve got some blocking patterns in your way.

Let’s clear out the old junk and start allowing in money with ease! 😁

Clear all old patterns around:

✨The idea that we have to suffer to receive

✨That you have to work hard to be worthy of receiving money

✨All places where parts of you don’t feel worthy or deserving of receiving money with ease

✨Fears around “who am I to do this?”

✨That you’ll be ostracized by the community if you receive things easily

✨We’ll come into resonance with the patterns of easy abundance and the joy of money

… and more!

What if you really could receive income easily, while you sleep?

What if you could easily set up more avenues of passive income?

What if you could let go of the struggle of money, and just allow it to be easy?

These clearings are super powerful.  I’ve been clearing energy patterns on people for years.

Isn’t it time to allow in more abundance? To step into the amazingly abundant person you were born to be? 😁

Testimonial screenshot

What people are saying:

more money more ease

If you are ready to:

❣️ Align yourself with easily receiving money
❣️ Lead by example 
❣️ Make a bigger impact in the world

This is for you!

You do deserve to receive passive income. 

You deserve to be abundant.

The energy clearing is anchored to the recording. You can go through it as many times as you like.

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