Clearing Patterns of Self Sabotage Around Writing

Have you got a book you want to write?

Are you struggling to create content in your business?

Do you want to complete NaNoWriMo or other novel writing challenge?

Want to become a writer who writes with ease?

If you’ve got a strong inner critic voice that keeps you from writing, by telling you things like:

  • You’re not that good
  • who are you to write a book
  • you suck at this
  • and more

this is for you!

The world needs what we offer.
And we need to create it and get it out there.

If you’re not writing the books and other works you want to be writing, there’s some patterns in your way.

Let’s clear out the old junk and bring in some new awesome things! 😁

We’re going to clear all old patterns around:

✨The idea that we have to suffer to create

✨That you have to work hard to be worthy of creating

✨All places where parts of you don’t feel worthy or deserving of doing your writing (and there are lots of these!)

✨Fears around “who am I to do this?”

✨Self sabotage with your inner critical voice

✨We’ll come into resonance with the patterns that our work wants to be made, and wants to be in the world

… and more!

What if writing and creating was really fun?

What if you looked forward to doing your writing, whether it’s for a book, or your weekly content in your business.

What if you believed that your words can bring you abundance? That you can be paid well for your writing!

These clearings are super powerful.  I’ve been clearing energy patterns on people for years.

Isn’t it time to write that book? To create your content with ease? To step into the writer you can be? 😁

happy writer

If you are ready to:

❣️ Write your book
❣️ Stop struggling with writing content
❣️ Make a bigger impact in the world

This is for you!

You do deserve to write that book. 

You deserve to create your content with ease.

The energy clearing is anchored to the recording. You can go through it as many times as you like.

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