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Limiting Money Beliefs

Tired of reaching for goals and not hitting them? You've got some limiting beliefs in your way.

In this 30 day ecourse we’ll discover your top 3 limiting money beliefs, and change them!

Get in for only $89!
You get access to this course for the lifetime of the course.

Did you know?

We can't manifest outside of our beliefs. This means if we have a strong desire for more money, but believe that we don't deserve money, we won't manifest more money. 😯

This explains why, so often when we’re doing affirmations and such we don’t get the results we’re looking for.

Give me 4 weeks and I’ll help you find your top 3 limiting money beliefs and change them!

Changing beliefs isn't hard

You know that our inner world is reflected in our outer world? So what we think and what we believe and the way we feel most of the day, these things dictate our life! The good news is that we can totally change this.

It takes about 30 days to change a belief. You need:

  • Persistence
  • Consistency
  • Gentle accountability & support

Get in for only $89!
You get access to this course for the lifetime of the course.
You will be invited to join subsequent live rounds for free.

Photo of Amandalee Sparks-HattThe first time I ran this course I imprinted a belief in me of “It’s safe and prosperous for me to offer things more then once to my audience”.

Previously I would create a whole course, offer it once and then move onto the next project. 😅

It takes a lot of time and energy to make a course, and only offering it once wasn’t a very good business practice. I knew I should offer things again, but I could never get over the resistance to doing it.

✨I shifted into the new belief, and I’m so glad I did!✨

I’ve offered now two of my courses for third live rounds, and have more planned! This isn’t something I could ever do before.

Instead of feeling anxious and not following through, it just feels like no big deal. Like of course I’ll help more people with this awesome course. 😁❤️

It’s also amazing how much less work it is to offer something again.

Make a few tweaks, write a few new posts, schedule some emails and doors are open!

It doesn’t take that long to change a belief and the results are amazing.

Less than 5 weeks it took me to imprint that belief. It has changed my life and business! 🤔😄

Amandalee Sparks

Amandalee's money programs changed my life. It's funny how not feeling worthy and deserving can impact your whole life and specifically how much money your business brings in as an entrepreneur.
During the weekly energy clearings and checkins, Amandalee correctly identified the source of my woes so I could finally heal and release it.

Not only do I feel better and more confident, I've had new business opportunities arrive on my doorstep worth almost $6000!
Allison Kessler
Holistic Web Designer

Do you want to receive more money, more easily?

If you’re not currently receiving the money you desire, you’ll have some limiting beliefs in your way.

It takes repetition and emotion to replace beliefs in our subconscious, but let me tell you it is very worth doing.

I’ve changed things in my own life, as well as helped other people do the same.

Join me for 30 days and let’s change yours!

30 days. 3 new awesome beliefs. Starting Feb 14, 2022.

I've been taking part in Amandalee's money beliefs groups for about 2 months and the results have been pleasantly surprising! I got a 5% raise IN THE MIDDLE OF COVID! I still can't believe I'm saying this, seriously, how does this even happen?!
I've also received about $1,000 in reimbursements that I wasn't expecting, plus another $700 that came out of nowhere, and then boom - another $6,500. I was a bit skeptic and now I laugh every time this happens because it proves that this stuff just works!
Jessica Penalver-Cote

"Financial success, or any other success does not require hard work or action, but it does require alignment of thought.

You simply cannot offer negative thoughts about things that you desire and then make up for it with action or hard work."

In this 4 week ecourse you will get:

  • Exactly how to find your limiting beliefs

  • How to discover the positive beliefs you need

  • How to change the limiting beliefs to positive ones

  • Two group energy healings to make the shifting easier
  • Weekly support calls for gentle accountability

  • Supportive uplifting community

Letting go of our limiting beliefs is a wonderful thing once it’s done. It feels so lighter and fantastic!

After the first money clearing I felt like a whole new person. I can post in my group about my offerings now, before I couldn't do that.
I felt like I spent 2 hours on a therapist couch spilling my guts out. I felt so free and lighter. I thought, "I'm going to do this course again!".
I had a lot of bad beliefs around money. Now they are gone!
Erica Armstrong
Pinterest strategist and High Vibe Jewelry Creator
Thank you so much! This makes complete sense. I try to consciously believe these things, but it's still a struggle. I constantly feel like I'm struggling uphill. I look forward to changing that! ❤️
Laura S.
Satisfied Money Belief Customer
"I want to express my sincere gratitude to Amandalee with Spark the Joy. She was able to clarify so much in my life and business through her amazing gifts.
I highly recommend her services to anyone, no matter what is going on in your life. I look forward to working with her in the future!"
Kinsey Lee
Spiritual Teacher/ Healer

We’re going deep into this journey. Be prepared to have your life transformed as you do the work.

There are 4 live calls to get questions answered. Everything is recorded if you can’t make the call.

4 weeks to changing the top 3 limiting beliefs that are preventing you from the money and abundance you desire.

How long have you waited? The time is now!

Accountability & Community

Receive gentle accountability in a supportive community.


Work on beliefs that are particular to you and your experience.

Easy Life changing action

The tasks to do are simple, less then 15 minutes daily.

Just 4 short weeks, to changing your beliefs

Come join me. You'll be glad you did.

I’m Amandalee and I’m passionate about helping high vibe people get through their limiting money patterns and start allowing in more money with more ease.

The more high vibe people we have with more money the better everyone’s lives will be.

When you have more money you can invest it in causes and things that are important to you.
You can choose who to help and buy things that align with your values, instead of whatever is the cheapest.

For me coaching is about you, and where you wanna be and how we co-create that process together. I want everyone to step into their power and awesomeness and get what they want in this life.

Her energy pattern clearing magic is crazy effective, fast and fun!!! I totally felt the shift and with this positive energy shift, I was able to find the time, focus and ambition to complete the work within 10 days of attending her class!
The collateral impact of this included attracting new clients, receiving cash payments and a nice residual income cheque. Amandalee is amazing!!! I highly recommend her! She is a true lightworker!
Carrie-Ann Baron
Intuitive Business Consultant and Mindset Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

Yup, I’ve been helping people change their money patterns for years. Come do the exercises, choose and it’s yours!

There’s q&a live calls to be on, and an email address to get questions answered, as well as a supportive FB group to interact with people.

I’ve got you. 🙂

Life sometimes gets in the way, the calls are recorded and will stay in the Facebook group for you to watch when you can. You also get access to this course for the lifetime of the course. You are welcome to join in with other live rounds as they happen.

Nope. I welcome anyone who really wants to change their money patterns and take responsibility for their results.

Due to the digital and customized nature of my offerings, refunds are not given if you change your mind. Refunds are only provided where required by OCA law.

This is for you if:

  • You want to allow money easily into your life
  • It’s been a dream for you for a while
  • You want to make better decisions
  • You’re willing to do the tasks
  • You honour and respect boundaries
  • You know there’s “more” out there and you want it

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are not ready to do the work to make the inner changes
  • You can’t respect boundaries
  • You can’t afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm
  • You’re really just wanting to stay stuck where you are and not have anything change

Give me 4 weeks and I’ll show you how to change your top 3 limiting money beliefs to let you allow in more money.

Just 4 short weeks, to changing your beliefs

Come join me. You'll be glad you did.

I did a money block clearing session with Amandalee and it was fantastic! I went into it not knowing what to expect and came out so enthused. She immediately was able to figure out a limiting belief that resonated with me and then gave me manageable, tangible steps to begin to reverse it. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Amandalee and can't wait to see the results!
Hannah Morth
Dear Enlightened One Magazine
Photo of Amandalee Hatt-Sparks, Intuitive Development & Mindset Coach

Why you should learn from me:

Hi I’m Amandalee Sparks. I’ve been shifting my money patterns for years. I’ve changed so much, and I love to help other people do the same.

I’m highly intuitive, have amazing pattern clearing magic and am passionate about helping people with my gifts and skills.

My underlying mission is to help heart centered people and entrepreneurs get through their limiting patterns, and make more money then they thought possible!

Teresa de Grosbois
International best ​selling author

If you're uninspired, unmotivated or feeling blah, then let Amandalee untangle and lift your energy for instant results #BOOM
Carolyn Trystone
Amandalee was amazing! She know just what to ask to help clear out blocks I have been dealing with. I felt so refreshed and clear-headed. I feel like this weight has lifted. So grateful for Amandalee!!
Heather Doran
Business Finance Coach & Consultant
There's something so incredible about working with an energy worker online. Although we are provinces apart, once she's turned the video off and we're only on audio, I always feel the shivers of energy flow through me, while Amandalee works on my chakras and energy blocks. This last session, she worked on some energy cords that were holding me back and that kept me tied to older versions of myself as well as childhood relationships with my family. Releasing and clearing them, Amandalee created a beautiful openness and freedom I could feel within me while she worked and I carried with me afterwards. I can't recommend Amandalee enough. She is a true light and her work is nothing short of magic.
Christina Fletcher
Spiritually Aware Parenting
I can attest that Amandalee is AWESOME! I had an energy clearing session with her to work on removing financial/ abundance blocks, and within 2 hours of the session I had a sale in my online store (the first sale in weeks), I had someone give me a $1000 marketing course for free, and I got my Reiki 1 certification as a trade (which I've been trying to manifest for a while now but haven't had money to do). Within 2 hours!! 😍
Maya Rebecca
estore owner
Amandalee has a remarkable ability to distance heal a skeptic like myself. Her abilities have not failed me and she’s a love to work with.
~ Kalawna

Change your limiting money beliefs now!

Come with me on this heart opening journey to accessing your divine abundance.

I’m so excited to teach you what I know, and see you blossom and shine.

Yes you can.

Everyone has the ability to change their own beliefs.

It’s a skill, and you can learn it. There’s no need to wait, start now.

Starting soon:

Just think about what it will be like, to know that more money will flow with ease.
The time is now. The place is here! 30 days. 3 new awesome beliefs.
Starting Feb 14, 2022


Just 4 short weeks, to changing your beliefs

Come join me. You'll be glad you did.