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3 Ways to Access the Power of Forgiveness Blog

3 Ways to Access the Power of Forgiveness

The power of Forgiveness. Ok so every time we hang on to things in our mind, or physical reminders like objects, these things have an energy charge. We’ve essentially wrapped up bits of our energies in these emotional memories. Every time we…

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The thing about meditation

Meditation is where you sit and you quiet your mind and you focus on something. It can be your breath, or some relaxing music, or a sound in the room. The point is that you are focusing on that and you are not thinking other thoughts. You mind isn’t racing or worrying…

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Aligning with your creativity

I have been moving more and more into my version of creative living. As I look a the projects I want to do, two thirds of them involve creating some form of art. I have this huge idea to create my “energy art”, and get it set up on print on demand services. I want to…

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