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Our Unconscious Mind

Our Unconscious Mind

I’ve been learning a ton about our unconscious mind lately, and just how powerful it is and how the things we’ve got there influence our lives. Conscious mind and unconscious mind together are like an iceberg. Conscious mind the 5% that is floating above the water and…

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Tapping Technique

Tapping Technique This is something I learned years and years ago before Nick Ortner took it big. The tapping technique is a very handy tool to have in your tool box, and I’m so glad so many people know about it now. Tapping is simply using your…

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Law of Attraction

The Universe is Amazing and Law of Attraction is Awesome

The law of attraction is an amazing thing. It always works. It can work quickly or it can work slowly, which is all up to us, and how much resistance we have. I had an experience recently that showed me exactly how quickly it can work. I have the book “Think and grow…

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