Tapping Technique

This is something I learned years and years ago before Nick Ortner took it big. The tapping technique is a very handy tool to have in your tool box, and I’m so glad so many people know about it now. Tapping is simply using your fingers to gently tap on certain points of your body. These points correspond to meridian energy system points on our bodies.

When we have lots of intense emotions, and especially when we try and push them down and not feel them, we can compress them and form little nodes of energy in our bodies and energy systems. I talked a lot about this on last weeks blog and video the power of forgiveness.

The Tapping technique or EFT is very useful for releasing these nodes, and taking the emotional charge off of things.

It works particularly well when you are in the middle of the emotional response. I’ve found that it doesn’t work as well when you are not feeling the emotion you’re trying to clear. But try it and see what works for you.

So when you feel anxious or nervous or upset etc this is a great time to use tapping. It also works super well with the Violet Flame, and with some of the other methods I’ve discussed in the Forgiveness video.

How to do the tapping technique

So when you feel this intense emotional response and you want to take your body systems down from it, you can just tap through the points, or you can tap and say something on each point.

So if you’re feeling super anxious you can start with “even though I’m feeling anxious I’m choosing to love and accept myself” do that 3 times and then move through the points.

Tapping is super great for acknowledging feelings we might’ve pushed away, and letting them go.

Then once you’ve done some rounds of moving through feelings, you can do some rounds focusing on what you want. Positive tapping.

Like any tool, different people will have different results. I’ve gone through phases with tapping, where I did tons, and then when I did very little.

There are tons of tapping videos on YouTube that you can watch and tap along with. I like Margaret Lynch’s, I think she’s really great.

Tapping can work for physical symptoms, because they are all caused by patterns of energy that can be found and worked on. It works really well for emotional things though. Experiment and see what works best for you. Much of it will come up with your beliefs.

Using the Tapping Technique to Improve Self Love and Self Acceptance

self loveOne thing it is really excellent for is accepting and loving yourself, which is the key to self confidence. Most of us have bought into the belief that we are just “not good enough” or we are “unworthy” or we “don’t deserve good things”. This is purely false!

We are bombarded with advertising and other things, and the primary way they make us want to buy their thing is by making us feel bad about ourselves, and then tell us that we will feel better if we buy what they are selling.

Pay attention when you are looking at or watching any kind of ads. How do you feel after viewing it?

The thing is, if you’re not transmitting high vibe frequencies like joy and fun, you are probably receiving low vibe frequencies by default. You can choose what you let it.

I’ve gone through all the tapping points saying “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. This was horrible the first dozen or so times I did it! I cried so hard and could barely even say the words. I had such a low self image. It’s something I’m still working on, but it’s miles better then when I started.

Bonus Visualization Meditation

visualize your successful future selfOk so now I’d like to guide us through a visualization meditation for a few minutes to connect with a future self who already has something we desire. I guide everyone through this on the video below.

You don’t have to be specific if nothing is coming up for you, it could be as simple as

  • my 6 figure earning self
  • my million dollar business self
  • myself in an amazing relationship
  • Pick something now.

Close your eyes, and take some deep breaths

We’re going to zoom out our focus into the darkness of space and time as we understand it here on earth, and from our bodies below us, there are golden threads heading into the future. Many paths into the future spreading from different choices we might make.

We now intend to connect with a future self from any dimension that has already accomplished our desire, and think of that desire now.

In a moment we will be connected with that future self and we will have a virtual coffee chat with them, where they will imprint in us the knowledge of the specific things they did to get where they are, and we will sit in this energy of having already accomplished it. Really feel it.

We are now connected with that future self who has already accomplished that which we desire. Spend a few minutes here getting all the info you need. Know that it is being downloaded into your energy systems and ready to access when you need it.

Ok we thank our teams who helped us get here and our future selves and we come back to our current self and keep the feeling of what it feels like to have that which we are desiring.

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