The past doesnt dictate the future

The Past Doesn’t Dictate The Future

Do you know the past doesn’t dictate the future?

The past doesn’t dictate the future, a pretty far out thought for many people I think. But based on the laws of the universe that like attracts like, if we wiped all our knowledge of the past out and started thinking about what we wanted we’d achieve it much quicker.

It’s an interesting paradox type of thought though. 🤔

We only know what we want because we’ve had experiences of what we don’t want.

When we experience something we don’t want, we learn that we don’t want it, which is so beneficial even if we don’t yet know exactly what we do want.

Did I lose you there? 😉

The past doesn’t dictate the future if we look at it from a zoomed out perspective.

Of how beneficial the past experience was to help us learn what we don’t want.

When we dwell on our past experiences that’s when it does influence our future.

Zoomed out perspective kind of like looking at where you live from far away. Your thoughts about it tend to change, like the photo. 🔽

We get what we focus on.

If we’re focused on the past and how it made us feel, usually terrible (you’re still having arguments with people in your head, and wishing you’d said this perfectly awesome comeback line to some situation, aren’t you?), then we create more experiences on that frequency of feeling terrible.

Most of us don’t want to feel terrible, it doesn’t feel very good at all.

We want to feel good.

But sometimes we’ve tangled up some weird emotions that make us feel guilty if we start to feel good, and then we’ll shut down that good feeling.

Feeling good is our natural state.

Feeling good is our normal.

Most of us are living most of our days not in our normal and natural state.

 We’ve learned to do things and feel things from (generally) well meaning adults around us growing up.

To change what you’re manifesting physically into your experience all it takes is a little bit more ease, a little bit more fun and a bunch more feeling good.

Get yourself feeling good 51% of your day every day and you’ll make changes in your life. Just 51%!

51 percent

Ok are you on board?

Now what you next want to know is:

How do you do this?

We start with an emotional journal.

Like a food journal but for feelings.

Make a notebook or use a note taking app. Set a reminder time to go off 5-7 times in your day at various hours.

Write down in your book these things:

1 What you’re doing

2 How you’re feeling

3 How you want to feel


7:30am drinking coffee, feeling tired, wanting to feel energized

9am at work. Checking stupid emails, I hate this day and this job, I want to feel free

12pm eating lunch and reading my book, feeling good, want to feel good

4pm finishing a project, feeling ok, want to feel good

7pm reading the kids a story, feeling blessed, want to feel more of this

Awareness is the first step this process of the past doesn’t dictate the future.

After a week of entries look at your data. 

Are there activities you’re doing that are constantly draining you? Are there some that lift you up?

Just become aware.

Next, if the draining activity is one you must keep doing, the best thing to do on this is a gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is where you take a subject (like work), or a co-worker (that’s terribly bothersome or irritating), and you write as many good things about them as you can.

This can be tricky because you’ve got a lot of momentum of negative emotion for this.

My old office job, I rather hated it. 

It was just so boring and I didn’t do enough research on the company as I was running from a different office job I didn’t like. 

I wanted to move up and achieve things. But this new company was staffed with lots of extended family of the owner.

People didn’t leave, there were no new positions. 

Also my superior was a terrible communicator, the type who never gave praise or pointed out any good things, only bad things. 😡

This does not work for me.

I need kind words and achievements to accomplish.

So I had to write a gratitude journal on him to start to shift my momentum, to change my vibration.

I could only find a few things at first:

  • It’s nice how he doesn’t smell
  • It’s nice how he’s basically quiet as he sits right behind me
  • It’s actually a good thing that he communicates through writing even though he’s 3 feet from me, I can go back and read what he meant again later, and there’s not as much of a language barrier.

It’s a challenging process but very worth it. 

To be effective you need to do it every day for 1 to 4 weeks

And then create a touch stone thought to go to when you slip back into negative thoughts on that subject again. 

If I’d changed jobs without doing this kind of work, I would’ve found someone else who’d be nearly the exact same in the new job.

Because the experience was coming from me.

My thoughts. My vibration.

We take ourselves with us wherever we go, so if you don’t want your past to dictate the future, change your internal thoughts and beliefs.

This is how we create our reality.

This is how we don’t let the past dictate the future

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